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    Default baby/crawler furniture

    My baby is getting too large for her bouncer but can't yet support herself to sit in a chair, does any one know of any products that support a more sitting position that are suitable at this age?

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    Bumbo chair

    or even one of those activity centres, like the baby einstein around the world
    but you'd have to check size of chair
    (sorry 1hand typing)

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    A rocker? Is your bouncer one of the 'old style' netting ones?
    DD has a rocker which has an adjustable back, so can be laying right back, or sitting up almost straight which it is now. She only uses it when I'm having a shower in the morning and she comes in the bathroom with me, and now has learnt to climb up on it so she stands on it facing backwards and rocks it back and forth

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    what age is your daughter. Would suggest Bumbo but try to see if you can borrow one from someone else or else try it first in a shop before you buy one as they're expensive if you LO doesn't like it. My son loved his and we used it quite a bit but friend of mine her daughter didn't like it and just arched back to try and get out of it. Also if you are buying try ebay as there are heaps of 2nd hand ones there. We also used the jumperoo which we got heaps of fun with especially when he figured out how to play with the toys - when he was very little we put cushion under his feet so that he was touching the floor.

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    I agree, the bumbo is great.

    We recently got a Jolly Jumper and missy LOVES it. We stick some music on and off she goes, bouncing around like a crazy woman.

    Sue xx

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    I got DD a walker... before she could even sit by herself she loved sitting in it playing with all the toys, we just put a cushion under her feet... then when she got older she used it as a proper walker and loved it.

    Bumbo's are great, but for the short amount of time they use them they are expensive. If you're planning on having more kids then it may be worth it if you can get more use out of it.

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    Smile Thanks for your suggestions

    Me and my 7mo DD are off to Baby Bunting at FG this afternoon to look at the items mentioned. I also asked some of my friends overseas for ideas in case there are things there we dont have here. Will let you know how we go......

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    Yep Bumbo chair and you can get a play table to go with it too.
    Fantastic..use it all the time, she has all her meals in it and it's great to throw in the car if I am going to someone's house.

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