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    Hi all,

    Just a passing thought, maybe you could share your ideas.

    I have just realised that my daughter (12 months) does not, and never has, imitated faces. E.g. she doesn't poke her tongue out when you do. She just smiles and giggles when you pull faces. She does copy just about everything else though. She will copy you blowing raspberries, clapping hands, sounds, smiles, laughs etc. She is very social and waves and points and shows me things. I have always found that wierd that she missed the stage of mimicking faces. Is this normal?
    Seems like a wierd thing to go and see a pediatrician about, so just thought I'd see your thoughts.


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    If she copies you doing other things, and responds to facial expressions in an appropriate manner, I wouldn't be to worried.

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    My first son NEVER copied faces. He didn't like cuddles when he was tired as a baby, would roll away from you when he wanted to sleep, walked "on his knees" rather than crawled, refused to even bite food at the age of one and waved really late. He's now a perfectly normal. happy, social (albeit loud!) four year old. Seriously, every kid is different.

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    Sounds normal to me. The stages are just guidelines. Not all children are exactly the same. Enjoy

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