thread: BAD pimples on 6week old face.. suggestions?

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    Mar 2007

    BAD pimples on 6week old face.. suggestions?

    My youngest girl is 6 week old and BF. She has really bad pimples on her cheeks, temples and into her hair.

    I'm not just talking about the wee milk pimples, but these are bright red with a puss head. Never had this on any of my other girls..

    Any suggestions to help clear it up? I'm seeing my GP on friday.. and I know it is just because of my hormones, as I have broken out as well..yuk!


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    Jan 2005

    if they are pussy then yeah I would take her to the GP. What does you MCHN say about them?
    DS had hundreds (I counted them, over 100) and they cleared up at around 8 weeks, but they werent as you have described these, and my MCNH said to go to GP if they were pussy, JIC. A few were, but the vast majority were not.

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    Dec 2005
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    Em had shocking looking spots that I couldn't quite tell if were just milk spots or what cause they were everywhere and looked pimply, I been using sorbolene and seems to have helped alot.

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    Feb 2006

    DD2 had them bad too, white heads, i just left them and they went away,i wouldnt worry. she seems to have a different hormone rash every week

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    Oct 2007

    both my DD's had the same thing at about the 6wk mark, its awful isnt it?
    I would suggest no soap in the bath - only water, and maybe a bit of olive oil