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Thread: Breastfed baby - Chocolate & nappy rash?

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    Default Breastfed baby - Chocolate & nappy rash?


    Can any of you lovely ladies help me out with this?

    My mother told me today that eating chocolate & strawberries can cause nappy rash in breastfed babies. My daughter has a couple of spots on her bum today - Easter Sunday - who doesn't eat chocolate when the Easter Bunny has delivered?? - and she told me to stop eating chocolate.

    Has anyone else experienced this or is it an old wives tale?

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    Bah, i eat chocolate all the time and ds has never had nappy rash. Maybe she has a bit of an irritation cause she is still a newborn and is probably doing loads of poos a day. Its probably just a coincidence that you noticed it today.

    just my opinion that its an old wives tale but some babies do have an aversion to certain foods that you eat. Enjoy your chockies without feeling guilty

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    I stuffed my face full of chocolate in hospital and ended up with a very windy baby. I was rather insulted to find after months of being a NUN in the food department that I still had to abstain from some foods..ggrrrr.
    Its hard to say, go with your choc filled gut!

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    I don't think you can say that ALL babies will get nappy rash if their mum's eat chocolate. But some might. Only way you'll know is to try it

    I would also say it could be a coincidence that you noticed it today. Give it a couple of days and try again if you notice a rash then, then maybe you might think about having chocolate only in tiny doses LOL.

    BTW, a couple of spots doesn't constitute nappy rash - well not in my book anyway.

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    i was always told by my lactation consultant..that chocolate can give bubs 2 things...bad wind and the runs... maybe chocolate has made bubs tummy abit upset??

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    Thanks for your replies, she's still got spots / rash... buts coming and going...think its probably just normal baby nappy rash.

    You all made me feel a lot less guilty about stuffing my face though!! Thanks ladies!

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