thread: Bub is 1 2morrow!!! Share what ur bub is up to!!!

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    Nov 2008

    Bub is 1 2morrow!!! Share what ur bub is up to!!!

    I can't believe it!!! My bub is 1 this week. People always said to me "treasure it while they are little" and they are so true (at the time of sleep deprivation and confusions it never seems like it will end though!!!).

    I would love to hear from people what their bub is up to as they near 1 year old.

    GROSS MOTOR: Well, he has just started walking across the room. He can stand without holding on. He can bend down from standing but can't yet stand back up by straightening his knees - he can do it while holding on to the couch etc. He pushes his train around the house - walking kms per day!! Of course he crawls at 100 miles per hour.

    FINE MOTOR: He can put balls into his toy giraffe's mouth, put the phone on the handset, loves putting things in and out of boxes!!! He has started feeding himself with a spoon and fork but very messily. Will has just started drawing pictures with a pencil. He waves, claps, and loves "open shut them"...

    INTERESTS: He copies everything Dad and I do. He loves talking on the phone, dancing to music, putting things in and out of boxes!! He is fascinated with all animals and every plane that passes overhead we are told about. He points everything out and tells us about it.

    TALKING: What a chatterbox!!! He says Mum, Dad, Gem (our dog), this, there (the th is a d sound), no, yes, Nan, his own name, up, toe. He will point out things when you ask him to - eg fan, dog, toe etc. He will clap and wave when you ask him to. He doesn't understand to nod and shake his head yet.

    WEIGHT: I think he is about 9.5kg roughly. He has been very sick and lost a lot of weight so I am not quite sure. He is still wearing size zero clothes predominantly. I have bought size 1 for winter.

    SLEEPING: What a nightmare!!! He mostly has two sleeps a day - av 45 mins at 10.30am and then a quick nap late afternoon. Sometimes he only has 1 sleep per day. He usually goes to sleep about 8pm. He wakes up about 1am and then 5am, then 6.30-7am. Oh, I dream for the days he slept through!!! (8weeks to 8months).

    TEETH: Will has 4 top teeth, 2 bottom teeth and a third just cut today.

    FEEDING: My bub is still having about 5 or 6 BF per day. He also has 5 big solids meals per day. I can remember thinking months ago - when Will is 1 yr old, I will probably just be giving him 1 feed before he goes off to sleep for the night!!! (how far from the truth!!).

    Can't wait to hear your stories

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    Jazz turned 1 on 7th March.

    She's walking and getting more confident with that each day and if we are holding her hand(s) she will try to walk up and down small steps (not a staircase, just one or two steps).
    She squats down and can stand from squatting and also can now go from sitting to standing without pulling herself up on anything. She just puts her hands down to balance while she's getting her feet in place.

    Talking: Says mum, dad, Buddy cat (one of our cat's, but it comes out "Uddy At"), she points to things and says "wot dat" and when we ask her where something is she'll point and say "dere"
    She says hello (harrow) and hi, she says tata (as in bye bye) while waving. Sort of says her name, not her full name (Jacinta) but will say Dass (Jazz). She says no and has just started shaking her head at the same time or instead of saying no when asked a question.

    She sorts things: pulling things out of one pile or box and putting them into another pile or box and will sometimes pack up again when asked.
    She steels (clean) spoons out of the dishwasher, but only picks out the spoons we use to feed her and she'll play with them and pretend to eat.