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Thread: Did I waste our money - regarding Baby Hammock

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    Our babies moved straight from the hammock to the big bed. They never took to the cot. Our cot was a total waste of money.

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    Am a huge fan of the hammock also, I am very happy for you to have found it and so glad it is paying off. You must feel so relieved.

    I was lucky enough to have a friend supply one for me for my first child so have never known any different. It has worked like a charm for us. Great night sleeps and portable too!

    We use a New Zealand brand - Natures Sway. It is fantastic and can be used up to 12kg. (something to look for when choosing a hammock - how much weight they take and therefore how long you can use them!)

    With the transition question, I believe most babies let you know when they are ready for a bed or cot... they begin to want to turn over, sit up or move about too much in the hammock and are unhappy within its confines. That seems to be happening with us at the moment... 7 month old wants to move!

    With the SIDS question... there seems to be no evidence of problems using the hammock, I personally felt very safe. It is worth remembering that many other countries and cultures use hammocks for babies as beds, to them it is crazy to use a cot!! My Malaysian uncle was very excited to see us using the hammock, he remembers them from his youth in Malaysia.

    Glad to hear of so many happy users, but also disappointed for those who it didn't work for. I'm glad you found a solution to sleep problems though through sleep school! I hope you get a good price for it or get use out of it for another bub!

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