thread: Difficult Day Sleeps with 9 Month Old

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    Difficult Day Sleeps with 9 Month Old

    Help! My son has just turned 9 months, and has just started crawling. He has always been a gem of a sleeper but this week he is fighting his afternoon sleep. He crawls around his cot and gets on his knees hanging onto the top rail and does this for ages, all the while whinging. I thought he may be wanting to drop a sleep, but he is clearly tired and I give up, put him in his pram and walk him (to which he falls asleep immediately). I'm getting tired of having to go for hour long walks in the afternoon and he is so miserable if he doesn't get his afternoon nap. I'm sure the commencement of crawling has a lot to do with it but how do you settle them down again? He sleeps in a sleeping bag and has recently got 3 top teeth, with one more on it's way thru the gum. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!! (Maybe I am expecting too much from a bub who has just taken a huge developmental leap and getting teeth at the same time??)...

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    If the nights sleeps are still fine - do what you can to get through.

    This behaviour in my experience is perfectly normal - especially when they learn to crawl - you would think they would exhaust themselves, but cos they have learned a new trick they keep practising even in their cots which frustrates them.

    Yep, the teeth could be bothering him too.

    Be kind to both of you, and although tiring, getting him to have some sleep whilst getting through it is better than none and being severely overtired and messing up his night sleep (which I hope is all still fine for you!)

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    Can you take him for a little walk (10 mins) to get him to sleep and then let him sleep in his pram for the rest of the nap- or will he wake up?

    Hm, I have a 9 month old who is desperately trying to learn to crawl...seems I have all this to look forward to!!