thread: Feeling a bit nervous about delayed MMR

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    Feeling a bit nervous about delayed MMR

    Have just booked DD in for her 3 year old check up. I initially delayed giving her the MMR vaccine at 12 months, figuring 2 needles was enough in one go and she wasn't mixing with other kids much at the time.
    So it is now 2 years 'overdue' and I'm just feeling a bit..I dunno..about her having it on Friday at her check up. She's going to know what is going on now, and it's sometimes hard enough even getting her to allow doctors to examine her and she hasn't even been weighed at her last two yearly check ups because she just refused and I didn't want to force her.
    We just took our dog to get his yearly
    Vaccines, so she might have some understanding but I know she is going to fall to pieces anyway
    She is around other kids a lot more now, goes to daycare one day a week, Kindergym, playgroup etc so I do want her to have it. She hasn't had any side effects from any other vaccines, but I still can't help feeling iffy about her having this one..
    I do want her to have it, I'm not completely opposed to immunisation programs, I guess I'm just quietly freaking out about it. MMR is always the one people claim to have caused severe adverse reactions, I know there isn't much to scientifically back up claims that it has caused sensory disorders, but as a parent you still can't help wondering..

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    I have felt the same when I had decided to vax my DD and it is still something I think about from time to time - the what ifs? down the track. However when I weighed up the pros & cons for choosing to vax, the pros weighed up in favour (for us). It really is a tough decision to make & one that I don't think most parents takes lightly. I believe your concern is natural and shows what sort of parent you are :-)
    If you still feel unsure about your decision, perhaps you need to go back over the pros & cons for your little one. You can always continue to delay until you have done more research or are feeling a little better about the decision to delay vax.


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    What did you decide?

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    Feeling a bit nervous about delayed MMR

    Very interested to hear as well