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Thread: Foods and Sleeping help ;)

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    Default Foods and Sleeping help ;)

    Hi girls

    I'm at a bit of a loss with my 8 month old

    he's cutting two top teeth and has two bottom pushing and has been for a while now.

    He started sleeping thru but now he's gone back to two hourly even hourly wakes some nights!! I have a 2yr8mth old too so it's tiring...

    Neurofen is not helping panadol not helping bonjela not working, he's chewing on everything but not seeming to get relief!!

    And with foods, he's just decided that spoons are for losers... He will only eat of it's finger food. He's gone from eating a satchel of rafferties/ or almost half a cup of food 3 times a day to well, what doesn't fall out when he's shovelling....

    So I'm doing some bls recipes and hoping he's getting enough but he seems to be bfding more at night and not I terested during the day so much too!!

    What do I do?
    DH is saying stick him on a bottle, but I'm anti formula as ds1 is highly allergic to milk Nd endedup in hossy after formula..... I want to bf it's natural and beautiful. Mchnsays more solids. He's not fat enough. He's just below the 50th percentile so not emaciatrd either.


    I'm confused!!

    Thanks is advance and sorry for mish mash, I had a brain spew

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    Your little guy is only two weeks younger than my DS and almost exactly the same. He insists on feeding himself which is messy and slow but I figure will be so much better in the long run and means I can get things done while he is eating. His sleep is also very similar. His longest stretch a night is about 4-5 hours then it's 2 hourly after that.

    I guess what I'm trying to say is your DS is a normal 8 month old. If you put him on the bottle you may find it makes matters worse if it upsets his tummy. Just keep offering breastfeeds before food and I'm certain that once those teeth come through, he'll settle.


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    I could have written this post except my man is on formula and it doesn't make a bit of difference here. He insists on feeding himself and I can see those pesky teeth under the skin.

    I'm just riding it out. Like everything with my little man, tomorrow could bring something entirely new. He is getting good now at feeding himself and this teeth will come through eventually.

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    Hun if he's in pain and unhappy, he could be taking comfort in the bf. It's natural for them!

    If you don't want to switch to formula, then don't. Good on you for standing up to your DP too. As for all the conflicting advice you are getting, sift through it all and work out what you think is best. Ultimately, you are his mummy so you know what is best!

    The frequent wake ups could just be temporary while the teeth are causing pain. Have you tried cosleeping for this rough patch?

    Another alternative for pain relief while teething is an amber teething necklace. A lot of women on here swear by them.

    Sorry if I've not been very useful - remember it is just a phase and it will pass!!!

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