thread: Going INSANE

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    Going INSANE

    Hi there,
    I just wondered if there's others out there who are so sleep deprived? My little man is 3 weeks and I thought he was going to be different to his sisters and actually sleep. Anyway, I"ve been proved wrong and he is not settling at all day or night. When I can eventually get him to sleep (will not go to sleep from awake, I try this all the time) he will sleep maybe 10 mins to half hour max. If I get one hour straight day or night, it is celebration time. This is my third, I have used my experience and tried what I know but nothing is working.

    I am letting him cry as Im just too exhuasted (plus I have others to look after). Not sure what else to do. At night he is windy, but during the day prob just overtired. Dummy not working, he spits it out. Bugger!

    Suppose I just want to vent more than anything else. DH is so busy and has not had time off work. He'll come home early so I can pick up my daughters (if I can't nap, at least I can have some peace in the car) but he's not been around much. Feeling a bit isolated. Hoping a mothers group starts soon...

    Also with the whooping cough going around the Dr has advised me to keep J home until 3 months (as much as possible) another reason I feel so isolated.

    Sorry for vent, sometimes it's all that is needed to feel a bit sane again!! xo

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    3 words....Hug a Bub

    Its a lifesaver, he will be settled and you can have your arms available again!

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    on cloud 9.....

    was going to say exactly what Lulu said. Can be a bit of a pain having bub attached to you, but if it's going to save your sanity.
    Best of luck.

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    I agree! Hug A Bub! I have one you can borrow if you like. PM if you want to give it a go. Where abouts in Sydney are you? We have BB meets in different ares of Sydney regularly, its just like another form of mothers group, LOL.

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    I agree with the hug a bub too.
    Also, will he sleep on you? In the early weeks with DS I found he would only sleep on me or DH so we used to lay on the lounge with him, he'd sleep and so would I!
    Big hugs to you!

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    Thanks guys, I actually have a hug a bub! I will start to use it more. I used it the other day, but if it's an hour or closer to the next feed he's pretty restless, I also have to be moving the entire time. My DD was the same, never liked it when I stopped moving!!

    had a slightly better night last night, here's hoping we improve a bit! Going back to the newborn stage is always a shock!!