thread: I was mean to my Son today :(

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    Jul 2009

    Hugs Hun,
    My little one is up really early too. What if you gave him his bottle in your bed and had a cuddle, would he go back to sleep? Quite often dd comes into our bed and I can get an extra hrs sleep because she will cuddle in and go back to sleep. Maybe you could try it. Hope things improve.

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    Dec 2008
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    you are not a bad Mum. I've had many moments like this. (I have depression, pain, and DS still doesn't sleep through the night and he's nearly 3, so I'm VERY tired) Being a parent is the most frustrating, exhausting thing in the world and some days DS is just too hard to handle. I
    f he is safer screaming in his bed for 30mins than he is with me, so be it.
    IMO, the important thing is to apologise after and remind him I love him. I explain to him I'm very tired and it makes me grumpy but it doesn't make it ok for me to yell at him so I'm sorry. He probably doesn't understand all of it but he will get bits and as he gets older he will understand more and I can elaborate.

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    Cloud nine :D

    Lots of hugs xoxo

    I feel your pain...Would he settled more if he laid in your bed with you for half an hour or hour that would mean you would get a little bit of a snooze.

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    At 18 months old I would just be bringing him back to my own bed.

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    Big hugs Blondie, Macey is very much the same except she wakes a few times through the night too. Now if it is any time past 4am she comes to bed with me. I did actually just change her cot down to the toddler bed and it seems to have helped. She has not fallen out (she can climb in and out herself though) and she is not contantly hitting the rails now which seemed to wake her.
    I would try offering the water like someone suggested, sometimes M guzzles water and then goes straight back to sleep.
    Get that time for yourself too.

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    I agree with what others have said too about apologising and seeing us model that behaviour as well. One of my friends had this wisdom:
    "How often do they get angry/chuck a tantrum and apologise? It's over immediately for them. If they could say it, they'd wonder why we beat ourselves up for so long!"

    So in that vein, forgive yourself and move on.

    Re the bringing kids into your bed - how I wish that worked for us! DD still goes to sleep in our bed, but DS thinks it's party time and has since he gave up the boob. He just doesn't sleep in our bed unless it's after a nightmare. Boo

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    Sep 2009
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    Thanks so much everyone for your words of support. It's hard sometimes as they can't communicate well enough to tell us if they are hungry, thirsty or what ever so they scream and cry - that coupled with no sleep is hard to get past but I think as many of you suggested show him I love him and apologise when things get heated and at least then I am setting some kind of example for him, even if he doesn't quiet understand yet

    Unfortunatly brining him back to bed is not a good idea. He decides that he would like to dive on top of Daddy and there has been many a time where DH has woken up clutching his groin LOL

    I tired the water the other morning as well and he just looked at me as if to say "Are you serious?" and then says repeatedly "NO, Millllllllllllllllllllllk"

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    I think we've all had a moment or two like that. A suggestion that worked for me - get rid of the dummy. My DS was waking about that time every morning. Sometimes, I could just give him the dummy & he would go straight back to sleep but other times he would be up & ready to play for the day. He had an accident at kindy one day & one of his teeth turned black. Before even noticing the black tooth, the dentist said "he has a dummy doesn't he?" So very embarrassing We did the dummy fairy thing and the following weekend, the dummy fairy brought him a toy plane & took his dummy away. It took about a month for him to stop asking for it, then about another month for him to stop waking at 4 am. During that time, he often wouldn't nap either. Now he usually sleeps in until 6 and often 7am and he was having 2-3 hour naps for a while. He doesn't really have naps anymore. It was a very hard 2 months as DD was a newbie at that time but it has been worth it in the end. He was a bit older than your DS (27 months) so you might find it doesn't take as long. I had thought he was ready for months prior & I kept putting it off. The dentist made it happen though.

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    I found my mood improved when I just accepted that the kids were early risers. I expected it rather than prayed for it to be different. Now anything after 6 is a massive sleep in. I also matched my bed time to the new reality rather then trying to be a grown up and stay up after 8.30pm. Like they say, this too shall pass.