thread: Keep finding him asleep on the floor

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    Keep finding him asleep on the floor

    My 22 mth old has shown interest in the toddler bed so I have been letting him sleep in it, but i alsways seem to find him on the floor or in the corner asleep instead of the bed.

    Do you think he is not ready for the bed yet ???

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    My DS used to get out of bed to play, and then just fall asleep near where he was playing. After awhile though, we started to find him back in his bed - guess he cottoned on!
    Just dress him warmly enough (took mine awhile to figure out he could burrow under the covers), and maybe lift him into bed if you find him asleep on the floor before you head to bed - that way it might reinforce the 'bed is for sleeping' thing if he wakes up in bed.
    He also had his kiddy couch in the bedroom that he slept on sometimes - it doesn't concern me too much as long as he's warm - if he's asleep, I don't care where it is!

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    DS went in to a bed at maybe 2 and a half, and fell out for ages. At least 6 months. You can get adjustable side rails from target/kmart of baby shops.

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    DS used to do the same thing. He would get out of bed to play and then fall asleep where he was. The worst places were infront of the door so we couldnt open it - I had to try and squeeze my hand around the door to try and poke him to wake him up!

    I deffinately wouldnt put him back in his cot, it might cause more danger, he might try and climb out and hurt himself. Like Nelle said, just dress him warmly.