thread: My decision is being questioned, non vaccinators please

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    My decision is being questioned, non vaccinators please

    ARGH... well we spent a week in hospital for M with viral meningitis. Now this is not something you can vaccinate against, its not meningicoccal meningitis. But still... there were signs everywhere about whooping cough going around.... and I had DD2 with me, who isn't vaccinated and had croup earlier in the week. But I had to take her to the hospital because DD1 (M) was incredibly sick. Luckily she spent most of the time with us in isolation bar going to the door and back when DH brought her in for a visit. When he came in I told him to play a game where he covered the pram with a wrap and play hiding JJ. Then when he got home to wash the wrap.

    But it got me scared and I felt horrible for not protecting my child.

    I need some boosts guys. I am well informed and I made decisions according to that time and I was happy until now with those decisions. So I just need to be reminded....

    **** please don't tell me I'm a bad parent for not vaccinating and I should feel this way**

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    No advice babe just big I know how hard it must be. Im on the opposite side of the spectrum. When I had to take ava for her 12 month needles the other day I questioned it BIG TIME and no body was on my side unfortuanately. I tried to expalin the whole live vaccine part to dp but he wasn't interested cause it's "what's best for her". Hope you get the answers your looking for babe

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    Christy, it is hard and at times our resolve will be tested over this many times as they get older and go to school etc but you did the right thing 100%. You only have to look at the toll it took on Matilda to be vaxed and there is your answer right there. She could have had a totally different start to life and you know you can't risk doing that to JJ, so that's why you made the decision you did, and it was the RIGHT one for you all I imagine it would have been really confronting though for you, but another way to look at it is that children who have been vaxed for it are getting it too, so that kind of makes me feel better for NOT doing it kwim? Not that the whooping cough matter in my situation because they all had that before I decided to stop, but vaccinations as a whole kwim?

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    The way I look at it, if only 2% of population are unvac'd, then 98% of people with whooping cough are vac'd (give or take for those too young to be vac'd)

    So it doesn't seem to work too well....

    You done the right thing, and your little one will be fine, you need to be in contact with an infected person for a couple of hours anyway babe (unless I've been given the wrong info).... dont second guess yourself!!