thread: Nearly given 2mth vaccine at 18mths!!!

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    Nearly given 2mth vaccine at 18mths!!!

    DD had her 18mth vaccination today, after waiting 45min the doctor finally calls us in. He asks what's wrong, I said she's here to have her needles to which he replies "did you tell the receptionist"? I said I told her when I booked in the appointment. Ok we have to wait in another room while they prepare the vaccine, 15min later the girl walks in and says "2mth immunisation"? I turned to her and said "does she look like she's 2mths old". Do they actually check records? I was feeling really nervous now. I told her she's 18mths and waited another 15min till DD finally had her needle.
    Just makes you wonder whether they have actually given children the wrong vaccines/dosage. Scary thought.


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    Yikes, that's scary. At least she checked, and her mistake was picked up very early in the whole process. I don't know about GPs, but we are really strict here in our procedures for giving immunisations - only accredited staff can give them, they're double checked, batch numbers are recorded. Of all of the medications we give, they are probably the most closely monitored.

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    That's scary Dianne! We had a Dr think that DS was there for his 12 month imms when he was 4 months old! I thought the same thing "Does he look that age"

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    hmmm, yes it does make you wonder doesn't it.

    My ds first immunisation was at his local dr surgery. It was the nurses first day, i made her check the dosage and everything with the dr "just in case", anyway i think i made her really nervous and when she was finished giving ds his vacs, she dropped the needle and it landed in my leg, my god it hurt!!!

    I was not a very happy camper, then to top it all off, she didn't record the batch numbers or anything. The next time was at the local health clinic, that was all good. Then the third lot i went to the local dr again (thought i would give them the benefit of the doubt) BUT a few months later i received a letter from the government stating that ds hadn't had his 3rd lot of needles when in fact he has!!!

    so yes, i am joining you in the "makes you wonder" club and I actually wonder if half of them even know what they are doing.

    After all of this and some more research i have decided not to go any further with immunisations so ds is vacs up to his 12 month vacs