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Thread: Normal wind/pain or should I be concerned?

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    Default Normal wind/pain or should I be concerned?

    My LO (1 month hold) is very uncomfortable after each feeding and whnever he does a fart or bowel movement. He wiggles and screws up his face and pumps his legs and its obvious his tummy or bum hurts him. This can go on for a while and its hard to settle him. He also does big vomits 2-3 times a day and will continue to do little possit vomits for a couple hours after feeding.

    Is this all just normal infant stuff, or should we get him checked out? He just doesn't seem very happy when his bum obviously makes him so uncomfortable!

    He is FF and on Nan HA, which should be the gentlest on his tum.

    Thanks from a FTM!!!

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    Hey, I had DS on Nan as well, and for some reason it would make it really hard for him to poo, and he would scream, scrunch up his face, raise his legs, all whilst trying to get the damn stuff out... So I switched to S26 Gold and he never did it again. I also had him on Infacol for wind too cos he wasn't a very good burper, and he drank his bottles really quick.

    I'm not saying thats what it is for sure though, just that Nan wasn't suitable for mine

    Good luck!!

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    Hi Amberj,

    My 6 week old has the same problem and he is BB. It can be a newborn baby thing which they do eventually grow out of. (hopefully soon!) He is a absolute shocker to settle during the day, especially the afternoon and has the same behaviour as you describe for your little man. Funnily enough his tummy is fine if he gets to sleep in someone arms

    I am going to take my newborn to an osteopath just to check whether there is any structural reason why his tummy gets so uncomfortable. I took DS#1 for a variety of reasons when he was a baby - tummy trouble being one - and it was magic!

    Also, it is an absolute myth that NAN HA is gentle on tummies. (our MCHN attended a seminar where apparently a paed spoke on how HA formulas were a myth and the only true HA formulas are the elemental ones!!). DS#1 had NAN HA and couldn't tolerate it - he got so sick because it is still dairy based and he has a problem with dairy!! As Mel suggests a different formula may help but check with your dr first.

    If you are concerned get it checked for reassurance.

    Good luck with it all.


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