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Thread: Random vomiting in the night

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    Default Random vomiting in the night

    Twice this week we've been up cleaning up DS' vomit at 12-1am. (Tuesday morning and this morning)
    He was sick over himself and just kept retching till there was nothing left (with 5-10 minutes breaks in between) and he could finally go back to sleep.
    He's been a little bit off his food, but otherwise ok. No temperature.

    Is it just one of those things?
    It's not very nice for the poor mite (or us!)

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    Oh no, poor DS. It's not nice for them, and it's equally not nice for mummy and daddy.

    I can't really offer any advice, although DS1 went through something similar a while back but only when we were in the car. He's generally not a spewy child, and we first thought he might have car sickness, but as it's only happend 3-4 times we don't think it is.

    I realised DS1 would drop off to sleep in the car and when the vomitting happened it seemed to be because he'd semi-wake with a bit of a cough which then led to a good spew or two. No temp, no other sign of illness and a couple of minutes afterwards (after a little cry) he was his happy self. It was kind of like he'd irritated whatever it is at the back of your throat that makes you gag (epiglotis?) DS1 hasn't had a car spew episode for about six months, and we're hoping it doesn't happen again but I learned long ago never to drive with a roll of paper towel, garbage bag, baby wipes and a change of clothes .

    Yeah, it might just be one of those things. But if it does keep happening I've no doubt you'll take him off to the dr.

    Hope he's ok.

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    Poor wee man!
    Hope he's better soon and no more sicks in the night!

    Sue xxx

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    Thanks for your responses.
    Well, all was better till this morning. up at 6, vomit, runs, then more vomitting till a little while ago when he finally fell asleep. Hasn't kept any fluids down - *TMI* vomit was green mucousy stuff - and I was getting worried.

    Thankfully we've managed to find a GP with an apt open this afternoon.

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    Awww, wee man..... let us know how he goes.

    Sue x

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