thread: Sandwich Ideas For 10 month old

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    Sandwich Ideas For 10 month old

    Hi everyone,

    My DD is 10 months. For lunch, sometimes, I feed DD tuna sandwich. Of course she doesn't eat it all instead it ends up all over the highchair. I've tired putting butter on bread and avcando. Does anyone else have any ideas? What does your bubs have in their sandwich?

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    little bit of jam or honey i use... avo with a bit of melted cheese. Phili or cream cheese??

    Running out of ideas myself...

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    Thanks for the reply HeyGoodLooking

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    I've always given mine good old vegemite (that's supposed to symbolise putting a rose in every cheek lol)
    It's still the older girls spread of choice for school lunches too .

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    I often don't make DD a sandwich as such but instead give her bits and bobs in various compartments in her dish - so bread and butter in one, chicken in another, tuna, tomato, sweetcorn, cheese, avocado, apple, grapes etc. etc. So not all those at once but some combo of usually bread, meat or tuna and some veggie or fruit.

    That way you don't have to worry about the sandwich collapsing when they pick it up.

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    Sep 2007

    I put tuna & avo together.
    Grilled/toasted cheese & vegemite
    Grilled/toasted cheese & avo

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    I use dips a lot - capsicum, eggplant, whatever - DS pulls the filling out of sandwiches and only eats the bread, so I need something that sticks to the bread.

    Make sure you have checked the ingredients on any spreads/dips as many contain nuts, tahini(sesame) etc.

    Cream cheese is a good spread to create your own flavours with - add some very finely chopped semi dried tomatoes, or olives etc. I am quite experimental with my son as I want him to be easy to feed when he's older. I also use chutneys and pickles for something different. Pesto is also good.

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    Apr 2007
    the Sauna

    in a blender mix tuna mayo and some shalotts (the green part) (and not too many) and paste that on .. its yummy and ds gulps it down

    another winner in this house is chicken , tomato paste and cream cheese in the blender too .. made to a paste .. i add a hint of basil from my tube of that gormet garden stuff ...

    yummo !!!!!

    if you want stuff to stick to bread - blend it in the blender ...