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    Hi everyone,

    I have a 21 month old daughter who I don't like to leave - at all. My Mum lives close by and has never had a "play date" at her house with my daughter. It's always at my house with me in my office working.

    I have a big issue leaving her for some reason. I don't want to leave her "just for the sake of it" if that makes sense.

    I also have a hard time when her Dad wants to take her out to the park or wherever. I hope no one judges me for this. I know I have a problem I just don't know what to do about it.

    Does anyone else feel like this or have any suggestions?

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    Hi Pelaja

    I don't think you're necessarily doing the wrong thing. If you're not ready to leave her, then don't.

    Eventually you will have to though, so you may want to start doing things "in little steps". It makes sense to start with her Dad. Maybe go with them to the park, and then take yourself off for a walk while they play together. That way, you can work up to letting her go with him by themselves. Once you've practiced that a few times, then maybe tackle your Mum's house. All the best, and try not to worry too much about it.

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    I can relate. I also don't like to leave my children with anyone else 'without a reason' (or even with a reason). I have gotten used to it with my 2.5yr old (since her brother was born, nanna has looked after her alot more). But I still am anxious at times - and positively stress when I have to leave my boy (8mths) even with his father, even for a short period of time. Although I try not to let others know 'how' much this does effect me, because the few times I have the responses have been more negative then supportive.

    My tip is to build up slowly and gradually. Start by going in another room for ten minutes. If that is fine then either build up the time or slowly move further away - like ging outside, then down the street or to the park. It is ok to do this at your own pace, but do try to keep that pace moving.

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