thread: She won't stop crying!!!!! Please help!!!! (small related vent too)

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    She won't stop crying!!!!! Please help!!!! (small related vent too)

    My DD won't stop crying. She slept for a whole 3 hours last night and has had 20mins sleep all day.
    Shes not interested in food, a bottle, is flat out refusing a dummy. I've bathed her, changed her nappy, cuddled her, let her play... i just don't know what else to try!!!!!!

    usually she is such a placid baby and is great. I'm going insane!!!!!!!!!! I'm tired and DF has been out all day which i'm annoyed about because he knows how much of a handful she was last night and how tired I was today, and it doesn't look like he'll be home tonight... too much to drink at a mates place. So i'm here dealing with this on my own.

    I just want my mum here to help me!

    What else can i try???? She is sooo tired but just won't stop screaming. It seems nothing i'm doing is working

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    she is probably so overtired now she can't sleep.. sometimes all you can do is stand up rock her and put on some music loud.. it can be any music.. i usually try something classical but if that doesn't work then i put on some top 40 music. not so loud they can't relax but loud enough iykwim?

    This is simply what i have done when they have gone beyond normal things..

    and a slap for your Df.. they just don't get it do they..

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    Chuck her in the pram and walk around the block. The screaming isn't as loud out in the open....

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    is she well?? you say it is out of character - i know over tired creates little monsters - but whatdoes your gut say?

    i second pram if it is safe for you to do so

    selfish boy dh naughty .... you need a break and sleep too ...

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    Is she teething? Usually Miss M is out of sorts if she is having some teething related pain, otherwise she's pretty placid.... she has trouble sleeping as well with teeth pain.

    She was like that the other day, and I just put some SM33 on her gums and she was fine within a few minutes - like her old self.

    But other than that... try to make her laugh... hopefully she'll be easier to settle if she's laughing instead of crying. We play "where's the cat hiding" in this house to make her laugh... and she usually drops off in my arms pretty easy mid game

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    Sep 2008
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    hmm...Maybe it is teeth...the others have all come through without anyone really noticing any change in mood...didn't even give it a thought... too tired myself maybe.

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    I agree it could be teething. It was always the last thing I ever though of with Chloe. I'd spend hours trying to get her to sleep, then go to bed and wake up in the morning and think 'i bet she was teething - why didn't I think of it last night! It was usually the problem though, or a cold coming on. Something I found worked really well with Chloe was bouncing on a fit ball. She would be asleep within 5 minutes no matter what the problem. It was good for those times at night when I couldn't use the pram. Good luck,