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Thread: should my 13month old son ride in a convertible car?

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    Default should my 13month old son ride in a convertible car?

    Hi, my ex has started seeing and living with a woman who drives a convertible sports cara, she has a 1 1/2 year old son who obviously is always a passenger however I am concerned for my son to travel in that car. If there is an accident then I feel there would be more chance of death and serious head injury in that kind of a car in a child so young. He is 13 months.
    Also my son had slight sunburn on his head following a weekend visit - they did not put a hat on him in the car, also my son is at the age where if you put a hat on him he will take it off.
    It is difficult to speak to the ex about this as he thinks I am jealous of his new woman!!
    What do you think?

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    hmm... I would want some kind of roll bar on the car for safety. The sunburn - I guess the best you can do is remind your ex to strap a hat to him and use sunscreen. He may not have thought about it?

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    i would be concerned about safety also, but mostly id be concerned about the sunburn. Do you think your ex would listen to you if you told him about sun protection?

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    Personally, there is absolutely NO WAY I would let any of my children in a Convertible, but as you said it's your exs g/f car and if he has access visits, then you can't really stop him.
    I would write a letter to your ex, saying you would prefer him not to be travelling in that type of car and it isn't because of his new fling( I wouldn't write that though!) but if there isn't another car available , then could he please remember to put a hat on his son's head and to keep checking that he isn't getting sunburnt.

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    Such a tough situation as your ex will think you are being jealous etc, but i agree i wouldn't be happy either at all. I guess you need to think of a way of bringing it up or talking about it without him thinking you're being petty or holding a grudge etc.

    Good luck xoxox

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    thanks for the support and advice, we are going through lawyers at the mo for custody case and I have requested and informed of the sunburn and for our son not to travel in the convertible. Thanks for advice ie roll bar, if there was one of those I would feel much better. Unfortunatly there is not.
    I know that there is not much I can do to stop this, even if the ex does agree in the letter who knows if he will actually not do it. He even thought it was a good idea to take a newborn baby on his speedboat - thankfully me and his mother managed to talk him out of it...
    Isn't it about time that the RTA put laws in place regarding infants and convertibles. They are extremly strict about car seats, but even a properly installed car seat wouldn't prevent a head injury/death if this kind of car rolled or was in an accident.
    Maybe I should start lobbying the government!!!!

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    I would be worried about sun burn also.. And the Wind! My kids hate having the windows open, they would not cope with no roof !

    I also found this on a car website..
    Established safety policy must prevail,” he adds. “Children should ride in the rear and it may be appropriate to raise the roof for their protection from certain elements. Style may sometimes need to take a back seat to safety.”

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