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    I thought DS was ready for a bed,. for mnths he has been fighting his sleeps in the cot.. screams and screams, but once asleep was sleeping all night in the cot,-. he is 23mnths.
    he loves hopping in his older brothers bed, so we thought, yep , lets move him into a bed, he seems to love the bed, it has only been a few days,.. the last couple of nights have been shocking, he goes to bed ok, (well we do need to lie with him, or stay in the room, but he will go off to sleep, after half hr or so, )
    But the problem is , he will be up at 1ish, 2ish and want to either hop in bed with us, where he just plays, or he will want brekky. the cot is still in his room, and we threaten him with it. he is only getting a few hrs of sleep a night,, maybe he is to young- anyone else having nightime battles with cot to bed.. I know his brother was bad, but once he was asleep he stayed asleep all night, not wandered the halls all night.. any suggestions
    Thinking if he keeps getting up, put him in his cot, he will soon work it out, or do we take the bed out,a nd leave the cot in his room for a few more mnths

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    just to encourage you, we had similar issues with dd with transition to a bed - around the same age, similar reasons for doing it. We had a heck of a time. It took around a month for her to settle. I rang Karitane at one point to ask for advice, and they were really helpful & told me that it's a huge 'trust' thing for them because it's such an enormous change. I guess maybe they didn't realise that something like that could change, and so it frightens them. We had to spend a lot of time sitting in the room with dd to let her know she was still safe. We gradually moved from sitting near her patting her, to outside the room & popping in & out with her. But we did have to reiterate that it was definitely bedtime and that's where she had to be (not negotiable). At that age they know what they're up to
    If you want more advice on specifics, I'd call Karitane - they were so helpful. Good luck with your ds

    PS. We had to get rid of the cot cos dd refused to go back in it. My 2 cents worth would be to get rid of it & go with the new plan . Again, good luck!

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    We took the side off the cot a few days ago. Not like she can't get in and out of it anyway, this just makes it easier.

    No side = license to get out of bed, turn on her light (she stands on a hobby box, climbs on her chest of drawers to reach the light switch) and play. Doesn't often come out of her room and annoy us but all the fun toys are in her room anyway.

    We had two nights of serious complaining at bedtime that the side needed fixing. Might be a while before she actually SLEEPS in the bed. "Did you sleep in your bed last night?" "No, I sleeped on the floor".

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    I am thinking maybe 22 half mnths is to young, when you giigle the average age from cot to bed is 2 half yrs old

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    I know this thread is a couple of weeks old now - just wondering how you're going?
    My DS is 22 months and about a month ago we changed his cot into a toddler bed because he was climbing over the top rail and I was worried he'd hurt himself by falling. We've gone from saying goodnight and he would go off to sleep without fuss until the morning, to spending and hour and a half putting him back to bed every night. He comes out of his room and and if we don't sit with him he won't go to sleep. THEN, he wakes several times during the night and is very hard to settle. Many nights he's ended up in our bed so we can get some sleep which is not what I want to be doing.
    I think he's not emotionally ready and this weekend we're going to put the cot back together and just put some mattresses on the floor in case he tries to climb out. Hopefully that will help!!!
    How is your situation? Did you perservere?

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