thread: Swaddling and co-sleeping question

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    Swaddling and co-sleeping question

    DH and I are now considering co-sleeping with our newborn when s/he arrives. This is new for us as until recently we didn't think we would be able to do it but have now have some confidence to try it when Phoenix arrives.

    I heard that swaddling and co-sleeping are not recommended but I was wondering what experiences others have had as I would like to swaddle Phoenix is s/he likes it.

    Any advice/hints?

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    I do it with Miss S. I'm always really aware that shes there though. I don't sleep heavily. I find she sleeps better that way.

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    The negative on swaddling and cosleeping is that it reduces bubs ability to alert you if they need, it is also less important when mum is right there to cuddle them. But their arms are so jerky at first and movement is involuntary, so I did swaddle dd and cosleep in the early weeks. Seriously you're so hyper aware if them in the bed and swaddling stops their arms waking them up. I also swaddled for each feed because her arms would get in the way.

    We stopped swaddling by 12 weeks.

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    I didn't realise you weren't "supposed" to do both! We swaddled our son- he much prefered to sleep like that and it painful weaning him off it months and months later when we was so active he was waking himself by unwrapping. We swaddled him and put him up between our pillows (spread wide apart from each other). So we couldn't have rolled on him and he wasn't under our doona either.

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    We are the opposite here. I don't swaddle Phoebe when she is in with us as she gets too hot. Poor little bubba is sweating when we unwrap her. But if they aren't too hot I can't see the harm in swaddling and co-sleeping.

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    Oct 2008

    Hey Dusty!
    I co-sleep at the moment and swaddle little miss. I stopped swaddling her right after we got home from the hospital as she seemed to hate it but I have since found that she sleeps MUCH better wrapped and now when I wrap her she seems to know that it's sleepy time!! She still has really strong startle reflex and gives herself an awful fright sometimes if she's not wrapped so I swaddle her all the time for naps and during the night.
    Do what works for you, because inevitably you'll do what is safe anyway.
    sue xxx

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    My little one is still swaddled (for all sleeps) at 6 months and she co-sleeps most of the night with us. I have never had any problems, she will let me know if she needs me, she is rolling now however she cannot roll when she is swaddled so I have peace of mind that she will not roll over and get stuck. Most of the night she is in the nook of my arm, she is safe there and I am very aware, you will be suprised at how aware you are when sleeping with a little one. I also personally like to sleep with her on the edge, when she is in the middle DH is great with knowing she is there and not rolling on her however he pulls the blankets up to high, eek! So I keep her safe and sound on my side .

    Best of luck Dusty, not long now, I am so excited for you and your DH.

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    we still swaddle DD at 13 months - she just doesn't sleep well if she isn't swaddled! some kids love/need it, others dont

    as has been said, you will be hyper aware - it's a new mummy thing - even when you're asleep, you are aware of sounds around you, baby movement etc. we have part time coslept with DD all her life - how much of the night she is in with us depends on how much she needs to be there herself. she has had maybe five nights in total where she hasn't been swaddled (we kept aircon on and lightly dressed her in summer while swaddled as she wouldn't sleep unwrapped!) - she knows that the wrap means sleep time, she doesn't fight it at all...

    we put her up between our pillows now, but in the past, i would keep her in the crook of my arm with my hand on the covers to keep them low enough....
    if you're worried about cosleeping you could get one of those snuggle beds for between your pillow, or use cot as a side car on your bed if you have room...

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    I've been worried about the same thing - I've been swaddling her for some of her day sleeps but I find DH particularly being a whack heavier than me, makes a dint in the bed mattress and DD could roll into him without her little arms to stop her so haven't swaddled at night for that reason - but if she's up between the pillows as others do, I could - that and (naughty, naughty me) but DD usually sleeps on her side, (which she can't do when swaddled) it's the way she likes it naturally though, she squirms into that position herself and her arms stop her rolling on her tummy so I let her sleep that way..

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    We've been co-sleeping for 3 weeks, so we're obviously experts.

    DS is wrapped in his own blanket but his arms stay out - whenever we've tried to swaddle his arms his fought the blanket until his arms are free. He does seem to like the wrapping around his chest and lower half. DS also sleeps on his side a lot, which is so cute to watch.

    My Doula says that it's important that his legs and bum are wrapped because he does need that "security" and warmth.

    Never heard that you shouldn't swaddle and co-sleep. I don't see the logic in it either, particularly as babies who are co-sleeping should have their own bedding.

    BTW, co-sleeping is lovely, and I don't think you'll regret it. It's worth trying to see if you are comfortable with it. We bought a king-size bed for the purpose (well, okay, we also just wanted a king-size bed ) Co-sleeping is safe if you follow the safety guidelines. The only legitimate complaint about it that I can see is that you do have to listen to baby snort, snuffle, grunt and moan all night - but you'd be able to hear that if s/he was in a cot beside your bed anyway, and so far DH and I have become accustomed to DS's noises and I now only wake up to the "hungry" noises.

    Looking forward to hearing how you go with it.

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    Thanks for all the advice and encouragement I feel better about trying the swaddling and cosleeping and see how it works for us. Some great advice, ideas in here

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    hi dusty, i recommend the arms reach cosleeper. i wanted ds close to me, but felt anxious about having such a little one in bed with me. ds slept in the cosleeper till he was about 4 or 5 months i think, then he came into bed with us, and now the cosleeper stops him falling out of bed.

    can't believe that you're almost 37 weeks!!!!!