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    Hi I have an 11month old son and he is currently having 2 day sleeps but either the morning one or the afternoon one is a struggle to get him to go to sleep. Is he telling me that he is ready for one day sleep?
    The good day sleep is about 2hrs. He is currently waking around 6.30am and back down around 9.30-10am.
    His routine at the moment is;
    6.30-7am wake and milk
    8am breakfast
    9.30am sleep usually 1.5-2hrs
    11.30am lunch
    1pm milk
    2pm sleep (difficult)
    3.30pm snack
    5pm dinner
    6.30pm milk
    asleep by 7pm
    Really confused what to do, whether I keep him up longer in the morning and have an early lunch at around 11.30am and then put him down for a few hours?
    When do bubs normally drop to one sleep?
    Any advice/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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    i think anytime approaching their first birthday they drop a sleep..... but some babies have two sleeps for much much longer (their lucky parents!!) i would try keeping him up longer in the morning and going for one sleep, just give it a go. a mum in my group has recently put her dd on one day sleep, and she now sleeps from 1pm-4pm - WOW!! she says its much better than what she was doing before. i think she might be lucky though, hehe.
    good luck....

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    When DS was moving from 2 sleeps to one at about 14 months he was going down for his sleep at about 11 and he has gradually made it later until now its about 1pm.

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    maddy is 14 months and still loves her 2 sleeps a day!!

    i just moved her normal time of 2pm to sleep too 2.30 and she went down heaps better!! i say try moving it to 2.30 for his sleep!!

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    Hi Shan,

    Ive recently gone through the same thing with my DD! Our routine was almost the same as yours, but now looks something like this:
    6am wake/milk
    8am breakfast
    1130am lunch
    1pm milk/sleep (she has now been sleeping till somewhere between 3-430pm!)
    530-6pm dinner
    630pm bath/read/bed

    Its working really well! She is going to bed earlier now, 730ish where she used to go to bed at about 830pm. We were really struggling to get her to sleep before, but now its great!
    HTH, all the best

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    i say try moving it to 2.30 for his sleep!!
    Yeah, I was going to suggest changing the time of the afternoon sleep too, but maybe earlier?
    I find Natty is harder to get to sleep if she's really tired in the afternoon (like if we've been out in the morning and she's only napped or skipped that sleep altogether).
    Does he get drowsy as he drinks his milk at that 1pm time? I'd probably be trying to get him to bed soon after the milk when he's got a full belly and is relaxed... Unless your little bloke is on the go and doesn't relax for his milk
    The two weeks either side of Christmas (and her birthday) Natty was really hard to settle for all but her morning sleep. I wondered if she was moving toward 1 sleep a day but choosing the morning for her sleep... But now she has sorted it out and is back to settling relatively easily for morning and afternoon naps and also her night sleep. And she's more mobile and chatting a lot more, and she's got some top teeth. I put her unsettledness down to either teeth or a developmental shift. Could that possibly be a reason for your son's difficulty in settling atm?
    All babies are different for sure, and of course it is your call. But I reckon my little girl will be still having her two sleeps for a little while yet.

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    hi and thanks for all your help and suggestions.
    there is such a fine line between them being overtired and ready for sleep. if i put him down too early he will play in his cot until he gets over tired and then he is hard to get to sleep. if i put him down at the perfect time he is asleep in no time.
    he is really tired and ready for a sleep at about 9am so i have to string him out until 9.30am. but in the afternoon he just doesn't want to sleep.
    thanks again for your help

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    It is hard, isn't it. I hope you find a good solution soon.

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