thread: What do you do??

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    What do you do??

    I have a 13mth old boy and am not too sure of how to keep him occupied during the day. I have times during the day where I sit down and play with him but how do I keep him happily playing by himself? When i don't give him attention he turns ratty!!

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    You mean apart for crawling after the dog.

    My GS who is nearly the same age loves playing with some cars and things that spin or make noise. I also change the toys every so often. I have a piece of cardboard that I use as a barrier when I have to do other things to keep him in one area.

    It's a hard age as they want to see you but you need to do other things. I also put on music that he can listen to, it's also another 'voice' in the house.

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    check out this thread here for some ideas

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    Hi Nina, Scout is the same age as your little man and I have learnt with my other boys that they have to learn to occupy themselves or you are going to be in trouble.
    I do take 5 mins to play with Scout set him up and get him started then tell him that Mummy is ie; doing the washing now, and leave him to it.
    Like everything it does take a while for him to get the idea, but I come back when I have finished and give him a few more minutes before im off to do whatever I have too again.
    Scout loves books, his blocks, he got a in the night garden DVD for his birthday so he likes that and he loves music too so I have Hi 5 cds for him to dance along to.
    It does take a bit of time and there will be tears but he will get the idea that Mummy is not his personal play thing.
    Good luck

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    my son ( who is 2) loves getting his hotwheels cars out and playing with them. maybe some books

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    I used to have a drawer in the kitchen with kid friendly stuff in htat they could get into. THey loved it cos they thought they were doing something naughty lol

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    Charlotte loved dancing - so Music Max or the radio works well - find what music he likes. Charlotte loves - LOVES - heavy metal and doof lol she goes off.

    Is he walking? Chasey was a good one, charlotte was so proud of herself for getting away lol

    We also started using play dough about then. is hard, but lots of variety...even just letting them wander around the backyard can keep them entertained for ages