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Thread: when to change over to a quilt and pillow?

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    Default when to change over to a quilt and pillow?

    My little boys is 19 months old.

    He's been 'weaned' off his grobags over summer and now sleeps with a sheet and blanket.

    Just wondering about winter and whether it's time to buy him a quilt?

    What have you guys done?

    Also...when do you think is a good time to get a pillow?

    He's still in his cot...doesn't try to climb out so don't really see need to change it into a toddler bed yet.

    Thanks guys!

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    DD is the same age as your son. She's been out of her sleeping bag for about three months and since then I've had her under a quilt. I encourage her to "get under the covers" and she really enjoys that part of her night routine and feels very proud of herself. Often when I leave her she's back out from under the covers and standing up waving bye bye to me but when I check her later she's back under her quilt so I know she can do it herself which is good.

    She's had a pillow for a lot longer - maybe 10 months but I'm guessing a bit. I started using it when she had a cold and thought the elevation would be good and used one of our full-size ones because I didn't have a special smaller cot one. I never bothered taking it out again probably because she looked so cute with her head on the pillow! Not a great reason I know.

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    we have just in the last few weeks moved ds from bags to a sheet and blanket (which he loses from about 9pm LOL). we will use a pillow soon as i notivce he loves our pillows in bed.. and i think a quilt/light doona for winter (also maybe he will like this more than sheet and blanket??). he is 18 mnths.

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    Aiden has had a pillow for about 5 or 6 months maybe, and, has had a quilt since he has been in his big bed, for about 2 - 3 weeks. He sleeps much better with it on, must like the security, so, on warmer nights, i keep a fan going in his room. He can also pull the quilt up himself. Often, i have found him on our bed, snuggled up under our quilt...

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    They recommend quilts not before 2 yrs here in Holland. Not sure why, apparantly it can get too hot and they can crawl under them, but I guess that goes for blankets too.
    Hope this somehow helps...

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