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    Question Yet another sleep question...

    So, dd is just over 11 months atm. And we had a really good phase of her sleeping right through. But past few weeks she's gone back to waking up in the middle of the night. Its only once. Sometimes you can escape with just putting her dummy back in, but lately there have been a few times where I have given her a bottle (she's on cows milk now btw) It doesn't bother me having to give her the bottle. Im just wondering how many others of you still had a baby waking at 11 months or over, at night time? We started putting her to bed later about 6.30-7 but she will still wake up. And she eats like a horse during the day so surely she can't be hungry.

    Normally I don't get into the whole "milestone" race thing where people will say oh myyyyy baby did this @ this month (not just generally, i mean the mothers who rub it in) it never really bothers me, I suppose because dd usually has done things ahead of the other children she associates with. But this one is just bothering me cause people keep saying to me by at least 9-10 months she should be sleeping through... *sigh*

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    Ummm... DS is nearly 27 months old.. and STILL wakes up during the night.

    Last night was a scream fest at the same time by both kids... be glad you only got one love!!! LOL

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    DS is just over 12 mnths and he wakes 2/3 times a night and I feed him most times unless it was only an hour ago.

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    KL- we had this bout a month back and EVERYONE said it was a "STAGE" My DS didnt sleep through the WHOLE night til he was 2 and a bit... My idea of sleeping through is well with a few wake ups... LOL. Guess its just what i'm used to... We now have wake ups but some nights she will go all night. (just turned 10 months) If she wakes i offer small drink of water (cos she was getting used to and expected milk.

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    Flynn did this too. He was happily sleeping thru and then he suddenly wasn't. I don't know sure was annoying tho! It lasted about a month and then he was 'back to normal' whatever that is!!!
    You'll be pleased to know he is happily sleeping thru again now.
    I hope it passes for you quickly.

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    Mayb look at other things rather than her being hungry ( i know shes a guts lol) Mayb try putting a lambswool underlay in the cot to sooth her more? DOes she kick her blanket off? Mayb try a sleeping bag? Or even one of them lights that makes shapes move around all over the roof so when she wakes it might keep her entertained for a little bit until she drifts back off? Or mayb she is just thirsty, does she grab and drink a sippy cup by herself? Mayb try leaving this somewhere in the cot for her? Just throwing ideas out there. Mia is always thirsting, last night during the night she woke and i had her sippy cup and she downed 100 mls of water and went straight back to sleep. Apart from that i dont really know hun, hopefully its just a phase. Shes teething too which prob doesnt help.

    Its so hard to deal with Mia when i have had such a broken sleep, so i could imagine how buggered u are with a full on toddler. Hang in there sweety xoxoxooxox

    ps. what time is she waking up during the night??

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    DS is 15 months and still wakes atleast once a night, so not all babies sleep through at that age or older. I know plenty of mums whose kids didn't sleep thru til they hit the age of 2, so it's not uncommon either.

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    My DD who is just a little bit older than your DD has started waking once in the middle of the night, not every night, but it still happens. I just give her a bottle too and she drifts off to sleep herself.
    I believe its normal, its got to do with milestones actually. I have a great book that has a lot of info on the different milestones babies go through and how they affect their behaviour etc.
    While they say babies of our babies' age should be sleeping for 12 hours a night, sleeping through is actually considered sleeping for a block of 6 hours at least.

    Any way I guess my post isnt much help, just wanted to let you know that your not the only one.