thread: cooking roast beef in slow cooker

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    cooking roast beef in slow cooker

    I've borrowed my mum's slow cooker to try out before I buy one. So I thought today I'd cook a roast. Yes I know, a little late. But I have no idea how to do it in the sc. It's a 1.2kg roast. Any ideas/recipes? I've never used a slow cooker before. And is there any way it'll cook in time for tonight's dinner?

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    Yep. There is recipe in the slow cooker thread.

    Just chuck in your roast, a can of coke and a bottle of tomato sauce, and cook on low for 5-6 hrs.
    I've done it twice now, and the meat just falls off....

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    you can just put it all in dry too. It may not brown up the same as a normal oven but will still taste great.

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    I put it in dry and cooked it for about 8 hours and it turned out really dry. But great in gravey with onions!!! Might try the coke and tomato sauce

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    i did 4 hours on high setting and it was fine.

    have tasted coke way before but it was chicken.... yum!

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    Mmmmmmm oh Jodi sorry i have no clue, we dont own a slow cooker.. but mmmmm youve made my mouth water! Yummmo! Hope it turns out fab!