thread: Cheapest electricity and water company

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    Cheapest electricity and water company

    Hi All,

    I am trying to save some money and thinking of looking at options for Electricity and water.

    We have usually discarded the phone calls/door knocking/spam mail about switching companies to save money but in these times, a penny saved is better than nothing.

    So how would i go abouts researching and does anyone know if one is cheaper than the other so lazy people like me dont need to do research =)

    Any advice would be great

    Thanks all!

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    I did a hunt around a found a site called choice switch. You can compare several gas and electricity companies deals and go from there. I am saving nearly $250 a year now on gas and electricity combined.

    As far as I know you can only get your water from the local water retailer. I don't think there are different retailers like there are with gas and electricity


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    There's a site called shoparound and they have a comparison thingy where you enter your postcode etc and it will give you comparisons. If you can't find it I can PM you a link

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    hmm.. i just did the comparison for us.. looked up our last 4 bills for more accuracy... but I was convinced that to save on electricity we would have to go on a fixed term contract.. which we don't do coz we're renting...

    BUT.. turns out.. Origin have something that would save us $219 in the first year. But that's with 1 month free. And they don't have fixed term. So the next year would probably wouldn't save as much. Or there's one with Origin that is the same, but with 25% green energy.. saving in first year would be $161. So there ya go.

    Altho, it's for households with no access to natural gas... not sure if that means the house isn't connected to gas, or if gas isn't in the area. I think natural gas is available in our street, just our house doens't have it.

    ETA: Phone bills are one to definitely shop around for, but it all depends on your type of usage. But I bet there's loads of savings to be made on most people's phone bills.

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    Dont forget to check if you have a three phase meter and can get off-peak rates for electricity.
    Find out when the hours for off peak are and try and make sure you use your washing machine, dryer, dishwasher during those hours as much as possible.

    We saved a small fortune when we had the three phase meter, compared to now on a single phase.

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    Like Catherine, I used the ChoiceSwitch site recently when we moved house to work out what company would be better for gas and electricity. They were really helpful. I put in my details and they called me within half an hour. Then once they told me the best deal for me they got my ok to pass my details onto the other company (which happened to be Red Energy) and they also called me back within half an hour. I thought it was great and it doesn't cost a cent

    Unfortunately you don't get a choice with water companies though. You just have to go with the water company that deals with the area you live in.