thread: How much is your electricity bill?

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    Feb 2005
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    Nic...awesome where are you holidaying too?

    Yes the spa is heated and we try and use it as much as possible....it's great after a stressful day too!
    We are off to the NT for 5 weeks.. We have some time in QLd but most of it is NT.. We did the trip in 06 and loved it so we are going back.. Only difference this time is that we are going to Ayres Rock as well

    Bath: When it was just me and DH our 90 day bill was less then $100 Its like we added $100 per child.. Ac and Driers are our biggest thing.. but cooler wweather means no more Ac except when Simon is sleeping after night shift and well I have no excuse now not to hang clothes on the line. I was just finding it hard to keep up with the washing but now Livi can run around I take her with me..

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    Nov 2004
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    Our last 3 elec bills have been between $200-$210. That's for a small house with 2 people. That's with me home everyday, the air con going over summer and the LCD TV on all the time.
    We use very few over head lights. At night, it's normally just the lamp on, and if a room is empty, the light is off. Our winter bill doesn't change that much, it may even come down a bit. We don't use our ducted heating, just the wood heater to heat the house (so we have to pay for wood) and our hot water service is one of those continuous systems that heats as you use it so it's not being heated constantly wasting electricity.