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Thread: What did you do when preparing for a baby

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    Default What did you do when preparing for a baby

    Hi girls,

    Just wondering what you did in terms of budgeting when you where planning for your baby? DH and I currently going through our first round of IVF.

    At the moment we pay most things monthly (insurance, car payments, gas etc) but once I fall pregnant we are planning on paying everything out a year in advance so that we dont have to stess as much.

    Has anyone done this?

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    Not as such, but we lived on one income for 6 months before we started trying, which ended up being 16 months before our viable pregnancy, which ended up being 21 months before I actually stopped work. So we're quite used to living on DH's income only, and it's left us with a fairly good savings base.

    Good on you for thinking of this now. I know too many people who get pregnant and THEN worry about how they're going to do it.

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