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Thread: Melbourne women!!!! This morning - CBD - press conference!!!!!!

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    Exclamation Melbourne women!!!! This morning - CBD - press conference!!!!!!

    OK Melbourne women, Gillard is doing a press conference in Treasury Pl (Off Spring St) near Vic Parl House at 11.20 am, this is a good heads up, get moving with your placards and ask our 1st female PM will she reverse the legislation that removes a woman's right to make decisions about her body giving veto to medical men.

    If ANYONE can make it in, this will be a huge opportunity in front of some major media.... I am stuck on a business conference call shortly til 11.45 but hope to death someone can get in there...

    Please keep bumped.
    Kelly xx

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    I'm at work No chance of getting out of here in time either.

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    Default Re:Melbourne women!!!! This morning - CBD - press conference!!!!!!

    crud. I'lll be in the city at about 12.30...guess that'll be far too late.

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