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Thread: 12 December - Michelle_k's 3rd little princess has arrived!

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    Default 12 December - Michelle_k's 3rd little princess has arrived!

    Hi all,

    Let me start by saying that Mirani Jasmine arrived on the 12th December 2007 weighing 3.72kg or in old weights 8lb 3oz, measuring 51.5cm long and has a HC of 36.5cm.

    The 8/12 was my due date, but if she was going to be anything like her big sisters she was going to be late. My OB decided not to let me go any later than 4 days over my EDD and that if nothing happened naturally, then I would be induced.

    Which is what happened.

    So on the morning of the 12/12, I was checked into the birth suites at Osborne Park Hospital.
    At around 7.30 - 8am I had my waters broken and discovered that there was a hand on top of the head and the OB and MW both tried to move the arm away it kept coming back. So they called in a Registrar who also tried to move it and it still wouldn't budge.

    It was at this point I was told that I had a 50 - 50 chance of needing a CS. So at 8.30am the drip was put in and I was only 3cm dilated and then hooked up to the monitors. I was excited that things were finally moving but scared at the same time as I may have neede the CS.

    At 10am contractions started, so the MW examined me and found that I was still only 3cm. But thankfully the arm had moved with the contractions so a CS wasn't necessary. After I sat back down and was hooked back up again, things really moved quickly.
    Contractions started becoming more and more regular and greatly intensified and at about 11.20am I decided that I was ready for pain meds and chose the gas. As the portable gas bottle was in use I had to move into the room where the bed was and use the wall unit gas. I decided that I was going to stand up for a while and lean over the side of the bed as my back was really starting to hurt.

    Not only did I have Manny (my partner) and the MW with me, there was also a MW student. All three were really supportive and knew what I was trying to say or do even though the pain was so intense I couldn't talk.

    The MW asked me to hop on the bed so she could check where the head was and found that it was still quite high but after one more contraction the head was right down there and almost gave the MW a fright.

    And after a few great big pushes along with some help from the gas, Manny's poor hand and encouragement from the MW's, little Mirani Jasmine was born at 12.38pm. With both parents crying, one because they're happy it's over and the other happy coz she's here.

    Even though I was induced it was a relatively easy birth and extremely quick. (The only thing I would trade is the massive case of H's I now have which hurts everytime I move. So at the moment I'm sitting on an ice pack)

    Tia and Alisha are already loving their new sister and are always in her face as kids are. Which is a little annoying at the moment as I'm trying to let Mirani settle and get used to the house noises.

    That's my birth story, thanks for reading and take care.

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    Congrats on the safe arrival of ur princess she is beautiful!!! well done

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    Congrats on the birth of Mirani Jasmine, she is very cute!!

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    Michelle, thanks for sharing your story with us hun. Sounds like you did a great job. Oh am I am hearing you on the H's. Thankfully I'm ok now. Enjoy that ice

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    Congrats and what a beautiful name.

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    congratulations on the safe arrival of Mirani! Very pretty name

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    Congratulations again Michelle and great birth story.

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    Congratulations Michelle,

    Welcome to the world lil Mirani

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    Congrats again..

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