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Thread: 17/4/08 - Nettie's Prince has arrived

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    Congratulations Nettie on the arrival of William.
    Best wishes to you all

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    Thank you everyone for your kind wishes!

    A big 'THANK YOU' to Alioops for posting the initial notice - I can't thank you enough.

    Our little 'Prince' was born with an undiagnosed cleft palate which has made our stay in hospital longer than expected and has provided some challenges for us to overcome initially.

    I will post a complete 'birth story' with all the details soon - I promise!

    Thanks again.

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    well this must mean your home!!
    hopefully your challenges are easy to over come! and that his cleft palate is fixed(if it needs fixing)
    cant wait to hear about liams birth soon! (i know my mum has a talking roll in it!)

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    Hope all goes well!!

    My son is also William and is also born on the 17th April!!! He was 5 this year, a beautiful boy as I'm sure yours is too

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