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thread: 31st March 2009 Tiggerlinda's beautiful baby girl has arrived!

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    Mar 2007
    on cloud 9.....

    congratulations Linda on the birth of your little girl.

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    Mar 2008

    A big congratulations TL on the safe arrival of Charlotte Maree. Wishing you a lifetime of happy times and wonderful memories.

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    Mar 2008
    mid north coast, nsw

    congratulations Linda and Clive...welcome little Charlotte! Am so happy for you all

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    Jan 2008
    Gold Coast

    I have tears in my eyes lying here in my hospital bed..

    Welcome Miss Charlotte to the world....

    Congrats Linda and Clive on the arrival of your daughter and on officially becoming a Mummy and Daddy today.

    Enjoy every second of every day with your princess.

    Hope you are recovering well Linda.

    Big hugs

    Bel and babies

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    Jul 2006
    In The Land Of Wonderful...


    Sweet Linda, I am SO SO happy to hear baby Charlotte is in your arms & everything went well

    Congratulations to both you & Clive.... how perfect

    Sending you much, much love... can't wait to read the BA!!!

    Lots of love hunny xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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    Nov 2005
    by the lake .....

    Congratulations Linda and Clive!

    I feel very privileged to have been able to share the latter part of your journey and look forward to our babies playing together over our Friday glass of wine!

    Welcome Charlotte! xx

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    Dec 2007
    Sunny Qld

    Congrats to both of you!!

    Enjoy your babymoon - and rest up!

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    Feb 2006

    huge congrata linda!!! welcome charlotte

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    Mar 2007

    Congrats Linda and Clive!!! Welcome earthside Charlotte

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    Feb 2007

    Congrats Linda & welcome Charlotte

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    Oct 2006

    YAY!!! Congratulations and what a beautiful name!!

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    Oct 2004
    In my Zombie proof fortress.

    Congratulations Linda and family!! Big warm welcome to little Charlotte

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    Oct 2007
    Rural England


    Congratulations, Linda & Clive! Linda, after all you've been through during your TTC and pregnancy journey, I am so positively thrilled hun that you finally have your beauitful daughter in your arms. I am overjoyed and grinning my head off!!

    I hope this time is everything you have dreamed about and that your life with your gorgeous daughter Charlotte is richly rewarding and full of happiness for you both.

    HUGE CONGRATULATIONS! Welcome, Charlotte Maree!

    Lots of love,

    Miss C

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    May 2007

    Oh hun I am just so happy for you both, at the birth of your gorgeous princess Charlotte. How long you have waited for this moment, how many scares this precious little darling gave us all!!!!!!! She's here! She's here!!!!!

    Congratulations, you are a mummy at last! This is so wonderful hun! I can't wait to see pics!!! Enjoy your babymooon!

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    Jun 2006
    Gold Coast, Australia

    Congratulations on the birth of Miss C! Happy birthday Charlotte, and happy birthing day Linda, sooo happy for you!!!

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    Sep 2007


    Congrats to you & your family!!

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    Jun 2007
    Melbourne, ready to meet peeps IRL

    Congratulaions TL and DH

    I am so over the moon for you... enjoy your baby moon, I cant wait until I get my butt up there to give you all a huge hug....

    Now listen to me baby Charlotte I am your aunty Tali , I have been wait reading and hoping for so long that you would come to your mum and dad, you may have taken your time and given everybody a big scare, but seeing as you are a little girl you are forgiven... be the sweetheart we all know that you will be... I will try my darnest to get up to QLD to see you all IRL very soon.... so for now here is one huge squishy from me to you xxx

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    Jan 2007
    on the sunny Eastern Shore

    Oh the biggest congratulations!!! I've seen you around S'rose's journal Enjoy your bundle!! xxx

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