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thread: 7 December 2007 ~ Keen's Day to remember!!!

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    Giving the gift of life to a friend..

    Talking 7 December 2007 ~ Keen's Day to remember!!!

    It's been a long time coming & finally the greatest day on earth for Keen & her DH arrived!!!

    Keen's 2 girls have arrived safely & soundly!!

    Eva Drew 5 lb 4 oz & 47 cm (Bobo) born at 9.56 am

    Jordan Elizabeth 5 lb 1 oz & 44 cm (Buttons) born at 9.59 am

    I am so overjoyed & thrilled that the girls are doing so well & are finally in their Mummy & Daddy's arms just where they should be!!!!

    ETA: They are in Special care but doing well...

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    congratulations Keen and DH on the safe arrival of your little princesses Eva and Jordan!

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    Well done Keen, I am so happy they have arrived safely.

    Welcome little Eva and Jordan


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    I've got goosebumps and tears in my eyes!

    Well done Keen and Mr Keen, I'm so pleased that your two princesses, Eva and Jordan, have arrived safely and are in your arms, where they belong.

    Jordan has exactly the same stats as my wee man at birth!

    Thanks for the update Tracey, glad to hear they're doing well in the SCN. Can't wait to see pics!

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    Congratulations Keen and DH!!!
    What wonderful news

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    Jul 2006

    Huge congratulations Keen and DH. That is wonderful news. Welcome to the world little Princesses.

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    wonderful news!!! i too have goosebumps!! congrats keen

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    A HUGE congrats to Keen and DH on the arrival of your little princesses

    that they get stronger every day and are home before you know it!

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    Huge Congratulations Keen and DH on the arrival of your two little princesses.


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    i to have goose bumps
    congratulations on the safe arrival of your 2 beautiful little girls

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    Oct 2007
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    Congratulations Keen & DH on the safe arrival of your two princesses and that they go from strength to strength from here

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    congrats!!! welcome to the world little girls!!

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    CONGRATULATIONS!!! That gave me goosebumps too - how wonderful!!!! Enjoy your little girls!!! xx
    Kelly xx

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    Congrats Keen and DH on the safe arrival of your girls

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    Congrats Keen and DH on becoming the proud parents to Eva and Jordan. Hope both girls are doing well and we get to hear all about them soon!

    Enjoy your beautiful daughters.

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    oh Keen i am so happy for you i have tears of joy!

    welcome to the world Eva & Jordan!


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    Feb 2007

    Congrats Keen and DH on the safe arrival of Eva & Jordan

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    I have tears of absolute joy Keen & DH congratulations enjoy every second of your beautiful girls
    welcome Eva & Jordan

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