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    hello guys,
    well i went and had a trigger point/reflexology/massage yesterday for the purpose to bring labour on. the lady that does it is a registered nurse/midwife and all into natural. she said if you are over due she has much sucsess with it. she did a lot of work on my feet, ankles,coer bone area and around the neck, i n the pelvis and tailbone and a little down my spine. this morning i have a real pelvis ache and on my left lower back area where the baby is lying im just wondering if you's think this may be something. she also gave me a 100%perpermint oil cream which has a warm and cooling effect to help with back ache.
    i have to due dates one was for monday the 23rd and the other is today the 27th by feeling and doing the things she did she felt i was about 4 days away, so lets hope my body has really had enough

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    I hope the massage helped move things along a bit for you. There is an article on Natural Induction Methods on the main site [url=]here[/url] that you might find useful

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