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Thread: acupuncture for inducing labour

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    Default acupuncture for inducing labour

    I have just a couple of questions.
    Can most acupuncturists do it or is it a specialist field?
    Can they just massage the pressure points and show DH where or do they have to use needles?
    When is it best to start? On your EDD, before, after, when your cervix is beginning to ripen?

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    Dach, check out the article on natural induction methods, there is heaps of info on it by a specialist plus a link to info. It can only be done after your due date.
    Kelly xx

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    kerry Guest


    Dach, Akeesha (Lisa) in due in jan thread is currently havinf acu to bring on labour, pop in to the thread to ask her if you want.

    Also RayRay (born in Nov 05) had acu to bring on her labour so you could try her too.

    RayRay is platinum if you want to pm her she can answer but Akeesha isn't but she is in the Jan thread heaps cos she is bored and sick of waiting. I will do a post in there for her to pop in here also for you.

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    [url=]found it[/url] thanks Kelly.

    Thanks Kerry, I've been keeping an eye on you January girls (you're all so close now....soooo exciting) and reading Lis'a post which is what got me thinking about it. I was overdue with Yasin and I got so impatient. I don't want to go there again.

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    Akeesha Guest


    Hi Dach,

    I can help you out to the extent of my own personal experience if you like.

    Jo told me to pop in and have a look here

    Ok so I don't know if many acupuncturists do it before your EDD but I found one who was prepared to start working with me at 38 weeks. It was both an aid to help induce labour and also prep to aid the labour and hopefully make it easier and shorter.

    It hasnt sent me into labour yet..obviosuy..but it is helping me relax a little more and I know its working with my body. As my acu guy says, it's just like we are turning up the oven a bit and letting things cook a little quicker so bubs gets the hint and comes out earlier or on time. He did say for inducement benefit only then it is more likely to work if you come on or over your due date as things are more ready to go. However I went that bit earlier to get more benefits.

    I have major issues with going over for several reasons so at 38 weeks was prepared to try anything.

    Now he does use needles but they arent as bad as you think. Some of them you can feel and some of them you cant. But it doesnt actually hurt. My guy also uses energy (with his hands hovering over certain parts of my body) to also gain some benefit. Cant remember what it's called..I think..Chi Gong (sp) Funnily enough my baby responds to this type of work better that the actual acu lol. When I go home I massage some of the needle points he used during the session to aid the energy flow even more.

    I have also been recommended some aromatherapry to try and help things along. Its a combination of Clary Sage and Geranium essential oils mixed in a base oil of avocado oil (but there are other base oils to use) That I rub on my perineum and also below my navel whenever I want to. Its meant to help bring things forward and also helps really well when you are in labour too. I also burn the Clary Sage oil on its own in my oil burner sometimes too.

    I think if you are not that comfortable with the whole procedure and the needles perhaps he/she can do a few points to show you what its all about but if you are still not sure then maybe it can be more energy based.

    I wish you all the best and if you have any problems or any more questions dont hesitate to can pm me but I cannot pm back but you can also catch me in the due in January thread often.

    Good luck


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    Akeesha Guest


    Oh and just to add..there are plenty more benefits to be gained by going and getting acu done even as early as 34/35 weeks (maybe even earlier). Not to induce labour of course but to help prepare and open your body in readiness for labour. I have known a few to do that. Then at about 38-39 weeks they start the induction treatment.

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