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Thread: Am I silly?

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    The only reason I have a plan - with lots of "ifs" in it (may re-write it as a flow-chart LOL) - is because I'm scared that without a written sheet, no-one will listen to me or DH. With it there in writing, no-one can get away with igoring my wishes or what I'm saying (it will be my word against all of theirs if it isn't written down). Yes, I know it sounds bad but I really don't trust the NHS here in the UK, says a lot as I used to work for them. Plus, with DH's problem reaction to drugs I have to be very, very careful with what I take as some of it is genetic.

    I will be going through the final plan/intentions with the midwife next week at my antenatal appointment at the birth centre, just to make sure that someone has seen it and the centre agree that it is reasonable.

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    All very good points ladies.

    I think I will do alot of research, as much as I can on all sorts of scenarios etc. I will definitely write a list of what I definitely DONT Ryn said, it's better to have it in writing to prove it was said iykwim!

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