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    I started getting my show Wednesday of last week. It was the yellowy rubbery looking stuff in bits, as well as clear and taking ages to wipe away. There were no signs of blood in it. I continued to lose more every couple of days....if you put it all together it is quite a considerable amount, so I guess it was regenerating itself. This morning the loss has a lot of brownish blood in it and has been going all day. So now I'm wondering if the show now has blood in it, does that mean that labour is finally here? I have been having contractions for weeks, along with the stabbing pains, lower back ache and that dull ache like your period is coming. Oh I have been very grumpy all day too! Any thoughts?

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    With mine I had 4 days of clear mucous. I didn't get blood streaked mucous until the day before Oliver was born. It started with brown streaking, which eventually became bright red and less streaky as my contractions increased. I had him at 7.34am the next day. I'd say you are pretty close. Good luck!

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    I lost the show at 38 weeks. 3 weeks before bub eventually came so it's not always a sign that labour is imminent.
    The cramping sounds promising though. With the lower back and dull period ache, just think of it as pre labour softening everything up for the big event and making your job easier

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    oOoooh sounds very promising if you are getting period pain too I wonder if you are still around? If not I am sure you wont be far off at all now - when you get mucus with brown/blood streaks in it you know things are getting serious
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    Starting to get some stronger contractions today. Have moved from 10 mins apart down to 5 mins apart and nothing I do seems to stop them. They aren't strong enough yet to call the hospital..but are showing promise. The end could be near

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    Sounds good! Good luck! Take your time getting to hospital ....

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    No such luck! The contractions stopped at 930 last night Am so totally over this! I am begining to wonder if bubs is trying to get out and cant. With my first son my waters broke, then I had 7 hours of contractions before they stopped completely too. I ended up having the drip as I was over it then too. I had been having all the same things with him and was 39 weeks. The constant false starts really get you down. So now I'm wondering if my body is incapable of progressing

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