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Thread: anyone done the hypnobabies program?

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    Default anyone done the hypnobabies program?

    was it any good? price? compared to hypnobirth (Mongan method)?

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    I'm doing it. I bought it ages ago and have been working through it slowly. It's very good for relaxing and learning self-hypnosis. I think the main difference bw hypnobabies and hypnobirth is hypnobabies concentrates on creating anesthesia, rather than just focusing on relaxing and breathing techniques. I can't remember the price - I bought the home study from USA early in the year. I downloaded the CDs to my iPod and try to listen to a script every day. I do know my BP is lower after doing a script... we'll see how it goes on the day.

    I tried Calmbirth too but quit after the first day. I didn't like the scripts and thought the hypnobabies stuff was much better.

    I recommend it.

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    Hi tashybabe. what does the program involve? is it easy to involve a partner? just wondering as my husband doesnt read much so wondering if we might be better going to a class where he can listen coz i know he takes things in that way..
    with hypnobabies, do you need to have someone learning with you so they can help you with the scripts etc during the labour or is it designed for a woman to study on her own?

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