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Thread: Anyone Else Have BIG Babies?

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    Megzy04 Guest

    Default Anyone Else Have BIG Babies?

    Hi all, just found this site.
    Was wondering if anyone else had large babies and what experiences were had throughout the pregnancy and birth.
    I always had huge blood pressure and massive weight gain throughout my pregnancy, I put on approx 35kgs all up. My doctor sent me for a third scan at 36 weeks and they said my bub already weighed approx 9lbs 6oz so I was booked in for a c-section for 3 weeks later, I couldnt beleive they made me wait so long!!! I could hardly even walk around!!
    But my lovely little man Jy was born on the 20/10/04 weighing an impressive 13lbs 1oz (5914gms) 56cms long you wouldnt know it now though he's up to about 13kgs at 17mths old.
    Thanks for reading and I hope to hear some of your stories too!!!! \/

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    Wow, that's impressive!

    Lindsay was my first and he was 4.180grams and 56 cm long. I had a textbook pg and delivery and had no issues with BP or GD or anything. He was a day early.

    My third baby was my biggest at 4.320grams and 57 cm long. She was posterior and her shoulders got stuck, but the pg was great. She was on her due date.

    I have been lucky in that I get no BP problems or GD during my pregnancies, but big babies tend to run in our family. I was 4550 grams and my sister was 5000grams and 62cm long. Mind you my Mum is 5ft 3inches and did not get a single stich having her.

    There are other ladies here who have had bigger. I know of a lady who lives near me who has had 13 and 14 pounders (mind you she had 9 kids).

    I think a babies weight is irrelevant to birthing, it's the size of their heads that matter!

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    bruky Guest


    WOW is what I need to say firstly =D> Well done!!!!

    I havent had big babies by any means...DD #1 was 7lb 13...DS was 7lb 11 and DD #2 was 8lb me Katie seemed huge only by the numbers compared to the other two...she didnt look any bigger tho...she was the easiest birth tho funnily enough

    I havent helped in this thread at all but just came in to look...sorry

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    skyelar Guest


    Yep count me in!!!

    My DD was 4320gms & 53cm, head circ 38cm. She was by my dates 2 weeks over, by my Dr dates one day early.

    No big babes in our family. I was 6lb 3oz, my hubby was 5lb 5oz. I put on 12 kgs when I was pg with her.

    I had preeclampsia/hypertensive pregnancy. Put into hospital 2 weeks before her birth. High BP for the last 6 weeks or pregnancy.

    My Dr has recommended a low GI diet for this pregnancy.

    OMGoodness at the 13 & 14 pounders :shock:

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    i too was huge with my pregnancy & measured 55inches the day i went in to be induced - i had a scan at 38 weeks & they said the baby was around 9lb give or take a pound - DD was 11lb 4oz - 5100grams - 57.5cms long - my brother was big 10lb 12oz & 26 inches long & my nephew (a third baby) was born exactly 3months after DD & weighed the same as my brother who was the babies uncle - if that makes sense!
    forgot to say she has only hit 11kilos at 16months but it is 84cms tall

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    Well Paris was 9lb 1oz & Seth was 9lb 12oz. Paris was an emergency c/s and Seth was vbac bubba

    13lber is very impressive!


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    First of all welcome to BB.

    Nicholas was 9lb 14oz, I had him naturally and I am not sure what Declan is atm as they haven't atually given me an estimate but I have a feeling he will be a big-ish bub too esp. as he is overdue. 8-[

    As for my pregnancies with Nicholas the only thing I suffered was m/s fr the whole 9 months, BP etc... was always good and I didn't have GD or anything and with this pregnancy, again everything has gone smoothly and I haven't
    had any m/s.

    Wow @ 13lb 1 oz. Well done.

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    Milo was 10lb 3oz, and I am guessing around 54cm (they officially recorded 59cm at time of birth, but at his weigh 4 days later he was 55cm?!)

    I put on 35kg as well, but nenver had high blood pressure, if anything it was low.

    I had a vaginal birth, I did have gas, but no forceps/vacuum etc and minimal monitoring.

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    My friends babies were big, though not quite as big as yours. Her first was 12lb2oz and 55.5cm long born vaginally with no intervention. Her second was 12lb9 and 57cm long also born vaginally with no intervention.
    She was under intense pressure to induce as the Dr's beleived her PG's to be further along due to their size but she refused. She expected to have big bubs as she was 10lb and her husband was 11lb.

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    Megzy04 Guest


    Well its good to know that it isint just me but I must say congratulations to all of you ladies who had big bubs naturally especially with no intravention too!! =D> Very brave indeed, I couldnt even imagine pushing a bub that big out!
    Is it true they get bigger with each one or is it an old wives tale cause if it is a fact then im a bit reluctant about having another in the future mind you Jy had alot of fat rolls so there was plenty to hang on to!!!
    Hope everyone (and all bubs) are doing well!!
    xxMegzy and Jyxx

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    Danstar Guest

    Default Late post - Reply to BIG BUBS

    Hi ladies!

    Its nice to know that Im not the only one breeding big babies! My first (baby boy) was 10 pounds and 56 or 59cms? He is now a beautiful tall 2 year old.

    Im booked in for a caesar on the 10th April and have been informed by my ob that this too will be a big baby :shock: . I put on 9 kilos with my first and have put on about the same with this one. Both myself and hubby are tall (6') but we were not that big at birth I think I was about 8 pounds and he was about 7. How do you explain that?

    I had a very traumatic birth with the first (30hr labour which ended in a caesar and PND) - hence the CS this time around 8-[

    I just pray that we will be blessed with a healthy baby and who cares about size?


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    Colleen Guest


    I gained alot of weight thru my pg & was tested several times for GD.

    The day prior to having Jaykob they estimated 11.5 pounds based on HC etc

    He was born weighing in at 4.45kilos / 9 pound 8 but the killer was his Head Circ of 41cm... I too had a c-sec.

    Im hoping that the first baby isnt the smallest lol

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