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Thread: anyone had a stretch and sweep?

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    Default anyone had a stretch and sweep?

    Last week my midwife offered to give me a stretch and swep today if my cervix was favourable.
    I'm in two minds about it.
    On one hand I'm a bit over being pregnant but on the other hand its an intervention that may do nothing but cause me discomfort and maybe lead to more intervention.
    I geuss I've left it a bit late because I have to be at the appt in an hour but I'd love to hear anybodies experiences.

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    Someone posted this last week dach, might be on page 2? I wouldn't worry personally, you've only hit 40 weeks and it does have the risk of infection. Perhaps it might be an option if the pressure is on for induction later, but not yet - term is upto 42 weeks really...
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    Thanks Kelly.
    The midwife didn't want to do it and I didn't want it done so we were both happy LOL.

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