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Thread: Aromatherapy during labour

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    I just wanted to know if anyone used aromatherapy during their labour and did it help? Also what oils did you use? I was hoping to burn oils during my labour but not sure what type of oils I should go for?


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    I haven't yet, but am planning to use aromatherapy in labour.

    Oils I've heard recommended so far:

    Clary Sage

    Also a blend of rose, neroli and jasmine (I think it was 3 drops each)

    I'm also take some rescue remedy with me, and some Arnica homeopathic for after the birth.

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    I didn't get to use them (hopefully next time), but as Rachael said, lavender is really good esp if you have high BP, camomile is calming and relaxing, and grapefruit is uplifting and can give you a bit of energy when you need to push.

    Good luck!

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    hi leanne

    i used aromatherapy oils in labour with my second child, i had planned on using them with my first and didn't get around to it, so i sort of planned not to worry with the second, however my midwife was lovely and she suggested it, she mixed up clary sage and lavendar and it was very calming along with the relaxation music she put on (dh asked for the tape deck to listen to the footy lol). i can't really say if it made any difference to the labour as every labour and every person is different but i do know that with my 2nd i was a lot more calmer and in control - but that probably had more to do with me knowing what i was in for lol.

    good luck.

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    I never used anything like like that, but I do remember the hospital telling me on booking in, that they do not allow candles (being an open flame) and they only allow use of electric oil burners.. that may be worth asking your hospital about.

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    I have some rescue remedy and Lavendar. At the hospital they have an electric oil burner and they said they have lavendar and also rose/geranium oil. I also have a massage oil which has a variety of calming oils in it. So I'm hoping this will help, along with some relaxing music.

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    My mum went to a natural healthshop when I was pregnant and asked which essential oil/s they recommended. They ended up giving her a small bottle of Petitgrain. the leaflet says that is is sometimes known as the poor mans neroli. It is uplifting,soothing and clarifying. it's hlepful in times of convalescence, relieves restlesness, mild anxiety, tension and stress.

    It may irritate sensitive skin though and also says to avoid u.v rays from the sun for at least 4 hours after treatment!

    I can't say how well it works though. We had initially been told that we could have an oil burner in the room, then upon arrival we were told that we were not allowed to burn any oils/candles.


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