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Thread: Aromatherapy Oils in Labour

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    Can anyone recommend an essential oil blend to use during labour? I've found a bit of info out there regarding which oils to use, tho no one seems to sell the blends already made up.. and some of the oils to buy pure are extremely expensive and I wouldn't use them again (ie Jasmine)
    I've seen Jasmine as a 3% blend with a carrier oil, but have been told that these are not suitable for use in a burner? So hence why I am looking for a ready made blend that I can either add to massage oil or put in a burner.

    Oh, and any experiences would be appreciated from those who have previously used such oils during delivery would be great!


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    Clary Sage for contrax, geranium & lavender for relaxation and some use orange for uplifting. Gorgeous smells, use a good quality brand there is an article I think in the conception section about how to find good quality oils. You use only the essential oils in the burner, not blended with a base oil - that is for massage.
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    I know orange is used for nausea in labour as well.

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    with my 2nd child i used aromatherapy oils - actually it was the midwife who suggested it, she burnt clary sage in the oil burner (with another oil but sorry can't remember which one) my dh always has a mix of lavendar oil and a carrier oil for massaging me.

    i believe they work, well i believe they worked for me anyway.

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    Hi Anna - I bought Jasmine oil and yes it cost a fortune and I ended up using it once in hot water with cloth nappies to place on my tummy and back during labour, found it too annoying and time consuming and didn't bother again!!! So yes it was a pricey one.

    What I did use alot of during labour and then in the hospital for the 24hr period I stayed after the birth was just good old Lavendar oil in the burner. It was so relaxing - the midwives kept saying it was so relaxing they wanted to fall asleep! I also had a facial spray of Lavendar water that my husband sprayed on my face throughout.

    I think if there are particular scents that you find comforting, familiar or calming go for them and hopefully you will have a really positive birthing experience. Good luck

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    I just used lavender and clary sage.
    I also got an arnica homoepathic for shock etc for after the birth, incase I had to have interventions etc. It was also safe to use for baby (usually on the wrist)

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