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Thread: avoiding the tear 2nd time round?!

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    Default avoiding the tear 2nd time round?!


    thanks for reading me. I'm looking to chat to anyone who has any advice regarding avoiding a perineal tear in my second baby's birth. I had a nasty 3rd degree humdinger with my little (big) boy and am desperate for it to not happen again. If anyone has any previous experience that is similar to mine I would love to hear how you got through number two. Looking forward to hearing from you...

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    Sorry that I can't actually offer an personal experience as far how to avoid the tear when it ocured the first time. But with both of my 1st 2 pg's I used perineal massage from about 37 weeks on to help stretch the area. Both of my boys had (what I think are) big heads. My first was 36cm & my 2nd was 37cm. I only had slight grazing with my 1st & pretty much nothing with my second.
    Liek I said I am not sure how different it would be for you seems scar tissue would be a factor I guess. But I hope someone else can she dsome light.

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    Im not sure of the circumstances of your birth but in my opinion a contributing factor to me tearing was that i just went for it with the pushing. When i went in to have my 2nd i told my mw i wanted to be guided with pushing so that i wouldnt tear again (i felt the tear the first time) and she did that and i had a baby with a bigger head and just a graze.

    A third degree tear is very serious though so im not sure how that would go. Mine was second degree. But thats what i did to avoid it anyway, listened to my mw and asked her to guide me.

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    Thanks Kristi & Fiona, it's nice to hear some different advice. I guess I should explain what happened when little mr Henry was born. I was in 2nd stage for about 2 hours, so it certainly wasn't from pushing too hard too quick!! I delivered his head with no drama, but when his shoulders came through that is what caused the damage. He was just so broad I think. I remember my mw was trying desperately to push against my perineum to prevent a tear. Sorry, a bit sketchy but I never really got a clear answer from anyone what had happened, and I was so drugged up and exhausted after the fact I never really asked why?! If anyone else out there has any advice I would love to hear it. My ob has advised against an epidural or episiotomy. I am hoping if I keep in a positive frame of mind I will be ok this time!

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