Bertie - I am similar to Gemma in that my induction resulted in LOTS of intervention.
I was induced with Prostin Gel a few days before my EDD because my blood pressure was a little high.
It was explained to me that it would be better for me to have the baby sooner rather than later because the risk of pre-eclampsia was too high.
Gabby was not presenting well at all. She wasn't engaged (when I had a growth ultra-sound, the sonographer commented on how it was unusual for a first-time pregnancy to not be engaged by that stage) and I still felt fine. I had just had a few headaches. By all accounts, Gabby seemed pretty darn happy swimming away in there. Each time I was monitored, her heartrate etc. was all fine.
I didn't have any fluid retention at all and I still felt relatively comfortable with being pregnant.

If I could do my time over, I would not have let them induce me until I was at least 10 days over-due. Then, at least, Gabby may have been ready to come out.

I ended up having all the intervention you can think of... well... sorta. I had my waters broken for me after 5 days of cramping from 3 doses of prostin gel (they wanted to give me a 4th dose but I told them if they couldn't guarantee it would put me in labour, I didn't want any more!). I had an early epidural because of my BP (apparently it can bring your BP down), I was put on a syntocin drip to speed up the contractions then I ended up having an emergency c-section because the cord was wrapped around Gabby's neck. I have always wondered, would that have happened if I hadn't been induced?

Anyway... I didn't post all of this to frighten you - after all, everyone's experience is different.
Next time (if I decide to go naturally), I will refuse any sort of induction unless I am well over-due and/or the baby is presenting nicely.