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Thread: BH help please.

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    Default BH help please.

    This is going to sound really stupid from someone who had a their 6th baby 2 years ago.

    I think I'm having BH, but they are 'uncomfortable'. The stomach muscles bunch up, which is not painful, but I can feel what feels like period pain low down.
    Ive been getting them for a couple of days on and off with no pattern ( I dont think, lol). Did anyone get the period pain with their BH? I can actually feel it radiate down into my thighs if that makes sense.

    I'm not really worried because I know if it is early labour I will get worse and know straight away. Its not stopping me doing anything, just a bit uncomfortable

    ETA I should probably say that they come every 5 - 10 mins for about an hour then fade away. Its probably the fact that I can feel them in my thighs that is making me wonder.

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    My BH are always painful. With my first pregnancy sometimes they were nearly as bad as labour pains and would last up to 3 hours. This time they arn't as painful but still hurt quite a bit. Mine are always irregular coming every 10-15mins or sometimes every 5 mins. So sounds normal to me.

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    Nat sounds like BH to me too, but the whole thigh thing...... As you said if it was preterm labour pains there going to get worse and you can't forget "those" pains.

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    My BH were just like period pain too - quite ouchy at times in fact!

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    Have you read the [url=]Early Labour Signs[/url] article? It's still worth mentioning to your midwife or Ob - if you think the BH / contractions have made progress, time 5 or so of them and see what they are doing.
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