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Thread: Birth Certificates?

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    Question Birth Certificates?

    I'm not sure if this is the right spot for this question. How do you go about getting a birth certificate for your new baby? Do they give you a form in the hospital to fill out? How soon after the birth would you get an official certificate? I will need it ASAP after bubs is born for my Australian residency, citizenship issues for bubs, passport for bubs, etc. I wish life weren't so complicated.

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    You are given the forms in the hospital... you need to fill them out within a certain time frame and send them in with the money if you want to receive the certificate... I can't remember the price to get an urgent one. I think it cost about $50 for my marriage cert urgent.

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    I never got a form when i was in hospital, but you can also order them online from BDM.
    Mine only took about a week to arrive after id ordered it, and then my commemorative one arrived a week or so later.

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