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Thread: birth options -water births???

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    Default birth options -water births???

    I have just had my first appointment with the midwife and have learnt that the hospital I will be attending has a very open attitude to birth. Thup shot is that now we know that we are completely free to plan our birth as best one can in these things.

    The questions is has anyone ever tried a water birth?

    They have a bath there and it is too small for me, being tall. I am thinking about hiring a bigger bath to use, not necessarily for birthing in, undecided in that area, just as a form of pain relief and relaxation during labour. I figure if bubs comes out in the water then so be it! but I just want to keep my options open... any suggestions??? Where to hire a big bath from, logistics etc...

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    Many private midwives have birthing pools for hire, if you want to email me your details I can ask for you in the midwifery lists I chat in.

    Sounds like a FABULOUS hospital - which one are you going to?!
    Kelly xx

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    Hi Joy

    I had a water birth with Hendrix and it was all and more than i could have ever expected! I really recommend Janet Balaskas book called water birth - it is the best book that i purchased during my pregnancy.

    Good luck with it all.

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