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    Mar 2005
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    Birth pictures

    Does anyone else enjoy looking at pictures of childbirth?

    I love watching the miracle of it, seeing the head crowning and the baby emerging, the mother in labour and then at the end, the mother and the baby together..

    I havent seen pics of the births of anyone I know yet, but I have seen quite a few on the net. Theres a site called birthdiaries thats compiled quite a few from vaginal/hosp/home/c-section births... anyway..

    So am i just wierd? lol


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    we did video footage of both of our boys births


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    May 2003
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    At my anti-natal class I saw a birth video and nearly had heart failure & went into a real head spin in the car on the way home about how "I don't think I can so this child-birth thing. Stop this pregnancy right now, I can't go through with it..." Total panic!

    But after having gone through child-birth.........TOTALLY different.......I now love watching docos and birth footage.....I get so happy and teary and emotional. And as for hte millions of photos of childbirth in my OB surgery......I could look at them all day!

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    Feb 2004

    LOL Lucy I was exactly the same after seeing the birth videos at our antenatal class!

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    Sep 2004
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    Me too! Before I had my first, anything graphic about birth frightened me, but after having babies I am just fascinated with other birth experiences and when preg with my second I was so very excited about birth.

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    Sep 2004
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    I love to look at pictures and watch videos of birth. The only thing that I have found abit disturbing was seeing an episitomy, maybe thats because I was petrified of ever having one. Woohoo, never did.

    We took pictures of my c section with Noah and vidoed Tehya's birth as well as taking pics. Admittidly because it is underwater it isn't as graffic as a normal vaginal birth. Still you can see whats going on down there.

    I have Tehya's birth pics in her normal photo album, am thinking of moving them so that no body that I don't want to see them won't.

    Take care

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    Feb 2005
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    You girls are brave I told my DH I would leave him if he even considered taking piccys, I guess coz I'm vulnerable!! I have photos of me in labour and they are hidden away, couldn't imagine seeing my bits n pieces! EWW Photos straight after birth are Ok, but even then people look at them , and go, ohhh you look buggered, DER!!!! DH wanted to video but I vetoed that idea too, KNEW he would show my MIL, and hated the thought!!! He wouldn't even consider that it is an intensely personal moment for ME would just want to show his mum the birth of his kids, never mind that its MY body they were coming out of!! he doesn't get it!!!

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    *Yvette* Guest

    I have graphic pics of all my kids’ births, & video of Angus’ as well. I was thrilled to have the video, (even though it’s a bit dark) as this was the first time I had seen my own baby being born (I find it hard to open my eyes). I have the graphic ones in separate folders/albums, strictly for the kids, me & DH to look at, & have shown midwives & SIL & my mum. I found it good when pg with Angus to show the girls their own births again when discussing what would be happening. It’s great on the video too, to hear the noises I make & remind myself what it was like – you forget so easily. Hope they let us video again this time. If so, we’ll use a tripod this time so we can just leave it running after the birth, & get all those lovely first bonding moments. Sometimes though, it seems like you see nothing but my bum, & there’s the occasional one where it’s nice up the top & all blood-n-guts down the bottom, but you can always copy & crop them for general viewing, lol.

    Oh, & to answer the actual question, yes, I love looking at birth pics & videos, & have all the sites I can find bookmarked on my pc. O

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    Nov 2004

    Have seen live calf, puppy, foal and kitten births. Everytime I see a human birth I cry. Haven't seen a baby born yet and my daughter's birth will be the first one...but not sure if I will be looking. I might check out birthdiaries to get some more exposure.

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    Jan 2005
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    I wish I had my births videoed. I'd definately do it for the next one.

    I love watching the Maternity ward and Birthday shows on Discovery channel. I get really teary sometimes and so does DH.

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    Mar 2005

    Well we tried to watch Maternity Ward on Monday night and my poor DH freaked out and said I really didn't ever want kids if I was going to make him sit through it LOL.

    Will be bfunny when the time comes at antenatal classes. He might be conventiently sick that class!

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    Sep 2004

    i have my second son's birth on video. the whole family loves watching it. although the boys love rewinding and fast forwarding it. zak goes in zak comes out - that makes me feel a bit uncomfortable, they on the other hand think it's hilarious.

    love beckles

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    Apr 2003
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    I bawl my eyes out watching birth videos.

    Not because I think it's gross - just get emotional thinking of my own experiences!!

    Don't think I'd let anyone video my births though - did use a mirror with Liam and that was great! NEVER thought I'd do that one!!

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    Jun 2005

    When I was TTC and pregnant I could not get enough of looking at pictures and videos of childbirth I also found it so amazing. I often look at the photos we took of dd birth. Although she was delivered by emergency C/S so I whole different asspect of birth

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    Feb 2005
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    I used to work in a Kodak Photo Lab, and i tell you what - i learned a lot about giving birth there!! people would drop in their films, and as part of QC we would have to check each photo for colour etc. well, what a frightening eye opener!!

    mind you i havent been through the experience myself yet, but i watched my SIL's CS video and really enjoyed it!!


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    Aug 2004
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    I am addicted to Birth day and baby story on discovery!! I have been to two births too which were exctiting. I love everything about giving birth at the moment and truly feel that I have learnt allot though looking at pictures etc all over the place.

    That birthdiaries site is amazing by the way!!

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    Jun 2005
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    I regretted not videoing my 2st son's birth, therefore it was decided early on that we would do so 2nd time around - I love watching my birth video - even watched it the same day he was born - it was sucha wonderful experience, now I can look back and watch it whenever i want to and don't have to rely on the slack ole memory

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    *Yvette* Guest

    In the book from the hospital (Box Hill) it says video is not allowed. We videod Angus' birth anyway, the midwife didn't mind, but I'm worried in case they won't let us do the twins birth.

    Has anyone ever had the hospital tell them video wasn't allowed?